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For English summer school I will appreciate your pupils'/ children voices in answering simple questions in English: We would like to hear your EFL ! that is a great help !!! Thanks !

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Please help our class collect survey responses from around the world (it'll only take 1-2 minutes. Take the survey and onshare....PLEASE & THANKS

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A fourth grade teacher at my school and I would like to connect with other fourth grade classes throughout the USA. Please feel free to add your information below. We would like to get this started no later than the middle of September and have all postcards collected by the first week in June. Please feel free to join us. We would LOVE to have you on board!!!

I am planning ahead and my 3rd and 4th Grade students will be learning about the Winter Olympics as well as taking virtual tours Pyeongchang, South Korea. As we learn more about the country we would love to connect with a school near or around that location If you are interested please respond below! I am excited to connect global.

Looking for a hangout session with teachers or students on Friday 6/23 3PM CST. I am assisting a PD session at our local university. It would take about 20 min at most. Ideally for a mystery state visit + sharing some state facts. Our side is working on primary sources for our state, this a way to show the mystery state piece as well as primary sources! Please email if available!
Thank you!

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I am teaching a summer workshop on getting students to create virtual fieldteips usong student created and Web based 360 images.

Do you have any suggestions for platforms where these could be created and hosted? --Free if possible. Like a student version of google expidetions?

Are there any guides out there or image databases or storyboard templates?

Any information you could send my direction would be awesome.


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Looking for schools/courses operating on July 2nd-20th... We are ESL 5th graders summer school from Israel, focus on using tech tools. We would like to connect with as many children in the world via online or offline skype, flipgrid, blog, comics and more. Please fill this form for your participation :

I am teaching AP US History this coming fall and would love to find a class to collaborate with via Google Hangouts. Anyone interested?

Minecraft Collaboration Project!

I'm looking for a class (elementary) to collaborate on a Minecraft PE project. Part of our summer program will be learning about other cultures. I would like to have students build different objects, buildings, or other things connected to their unique cultures.

We are located in South Korea and would love to connect with a class from another country. 

Hello everybody , I´m still looking for any teacher and his/her students to make a hangout with mine, of 4th and 5th grade from a primary school in ARGENTINA.
My e-mail :

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