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Finalizing an awesome unit on Endangered Animals using Google Drawings. This unit has resources and short how to videos in order to complete the unit. There are a lot of possible uses for this activity. I would love it if some of you could share another poster unit for the classroom that involves links to audio, video and voice

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Looking for classes to do a MYSTERY LOCATION HANGOUT with our 4th graders! 12:30-1:10 CST on various days from now until May. Sign up below!


I run a morning news studio for my elementary schools. I currently use Touchcast Studio. They recently updated it and I don't like it at all. They limited the storage capacity for the free verison. I am thinking about venturing off and trying something else. Any suggestions? I was looking into Green Screen by Do Ink. All we use is a Ipad, and I would prefer free, but if its inexpensive then I would certainly try it! Thanks

Hi! Would anyone like to connect on 11/26 at 1:30 pm EST for a Mystery Hangout? Connecting with a 2nd grade class. Thank you in advance.

Are there any kindergarten classrooms from outside the United States that would be interested in doing a Google Classroom so that our students could learn more about school in other countries?

We have never tried this before so if there are any kindergarten classrooms in the US that have done Google Hangouts and would be willing to teach us the ropes, please let me know. Thank you!!

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Looking to get Mystery Hangouts / Skypes going this year. Our school has been blessed to do around 300 + of these in the last few years and we would love to connect with even more. Please sign up on the link located in the first comment. Thank you. :)


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High School Students & Teachers needed for user feedback!

Part 3 of a blog post series about using the design thinking process with high school students to tackle some of the problems they experience with social media.

This part focuses on user testing and includes an opportunity for you and your students to participate as prototype testers!

Looking for 2nd grade for cultural exchange tomorrow: Monday 19th November at 9:15 EST.

Hello! Anybody want to connect with my 3rd graders on flipgrid Mon or Tues next week? I am in TN- We could discuss Thanksgiving traditions. I would love to continue connecting all year if you want.

Fifth grade class in Houston looking for a last-minute connection for Mystery Location game! Tomorrow (Friday, 11/16) at 1 CST. Please email
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