I have a 4th grade class that is looking to connect next Thursday 4/6. I am on the West Coast and would like to do it at 12:30.

I would like to do a Mystery Hangout. This would be our first time. Anyone interested? 

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Looking for HS classes to do a hangout. Social Studies classes would be preferable, but is not absolutely necessary. Central timezone. Here is my schedule
U.S. History-9th grade
Global Connections-10th grade
Psychology--11th and 12th grade

Would love to know if anyone has rubrics out there for teachers becoming more global educators? Please share 

I'm losing my mind! Someone in a G+ group from Sweden said they were interested in working with my classes in a global collaboration project, and now I can't find the person's name!!!

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Hello! I have a 2nd grade class that would like to do their first Mystery Hangout April 13, 9:30 EST. Anyone available??! Email me scampbell@woodburycityschools.us! 

Middle school engineering teacher here...question about technology use in the classroom for you teachers. What's your in class policy? Do you let them do what they want (Snapchat) or do you manage it somehow? I like them on it, but man o man, they (11-13 year olds) do nothing at all except take and send pics or texts if I don't tell them to put them away. Zero help from home, moms are worse! They text their kids during class. 🤔

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I'm in the process of compiling a database for my blog of teachers who are interested in global collaborations. If you would like to work with a classroom from another part of the world, please fill out this form! I'll be sharing the project on my blog, soon!

I'm looking for someone who works with penguins to Skype/Hangout with my 2nd grade penguin experts!!! Let me know of any leads?

Hello, I teach high school social studies in a remote bush village above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. 100% of my students are native Inupiaq Eskimo, I am looking to possibly get them connected to another class of mostly Native American students. I would like to connect with a classroom on a reservation in the lower 48 if possible. I think it would be beneficial for my students to see that there are similar students across the country who deal with the same issues in vastly different places. We can discuss possible student expectations and/or pre determined questions for students ask before we connect. Email me if you might be interested!!

Good morning from Israel, Urgently, I am looking for mystery skype partners for next Tuesday and Wednesday. We are 5th ESL graders and would like to meet you on 4th April at 9:00 GMT/UTC
or 5th April at 9:00 GMT/UTC. If you can please write your connection in this doc: http://bit.ly/2nNa80a. All the best !!!
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