I use unbuffered Vitamin C powder in a variety of baked goods and in shakes/smoothies. I'm having trouble finding the brand I usually buy. I would really appreciate recommendations of which brands offer corn-free unbuffered Vitamin C powder. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I was wondering if anyone has any luck isolating their corn allergy, or getting blood allergy tests, etc. Or has anyone has any luck isolating through self-diagnosis?
I am completely self-diagnosed, and when I mentioned it to my doctor I got a very generic 'well, sometime people just react to foods so maybe you should not eat it' response.
My thoughts are that I cant possibly have issues with every single part of corn, that I am intolerant to a particular corn protein or (less likely) a sugar.
I am trying my best to avoid any and all corn products for the time being, but am hoping that one day some of my favourite foods may be within the realm of possible.
Thanks for your insights!

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I have lost my appetite - these so called 'natural' ingredients are incredibly worrying, due to no studies, and how there is no need for labelling accuracy.

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When I saw this blog post I got excited that maybe there was something #cornfree  I could eat at P.F. Chang's. Turns out the choices were chicken and salmon--what I can eat at virtually every restaurant. Ha!

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Today's blog post is an infographic for those, like me, trying to avoid corn.

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Plamil Foods reports their Xylitol is made from birch bark in this product.
Heavenly no added sugar chocolate with hemp seed, perfect if you like something with a bit of a crunch! www.plamilfoods.co.uk

Glad to be welcomed with those who have the same common issue(s). I am fairly new to the corn intolerance. The last three companies that I have worked for have had mold issues. I thought my illness was primarily from the mold.  Then I began looking into the ingredients in foods that made me go into a sleep coma (sleeping almost 24 hours). The more I checked into the food ingredients I discovered the commonality was TBHQ, maltodextrin, and dextrose. Then the discovery process began.  I graduated from minor itching to avoid corn-protein at all cost! Meds are my biggest problem.  Most OTC medicine and prescriptions that was taking contained two common ingredients magnesium stearate and crosscarmellos….that is where the fun began. I spend four days looking for medicine and calling companies searching for the nontoxic solutions.  Finally I found a solution for one script and I am still working on the other. Sorry to ramble but thanks for letting me hang out with a very special group of people!

My son, age two, is about to start preschool in the fall. Any ideas about how to handle classroom food and crafts without ostracism? I bought him corn free crayons but the potential for disaster is beginning to scare me off.

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Went to the store last night and just found out Udi's has corn in it! My fault because it used to be corn free, I always have to remember to re read labels. Then just to make sure I look up the ingredients and xanthan gum is bacteria that is made from corn, so now I'm even more screwed on having no bread and can't make any. Forgot to mention the bag of xanthan gum that's in my pantry. If anybody has any gluten free corn free bread recipes please pass on my way!

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Reposting a link that Eldi shared with the Delphi Avoiding Corn forum. I wasn't aware that the wax in Wax Paper was from corn. I should have known - if it can be made from corn, it is, in the USA.
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