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Want to #learn #Japanese? Yomuzoku is developed to make you pronounce the #vocabulary perfectly. Whether it’s a #Hiragana or #Katakana, learn Japanese #online with the most comprehensive method. For more info:

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Practice your English by listening, reading and following along with the discussion subtitles. I use many objects also to give context to English words to help you understand the meanings.

It's funny too.

Top 30 Differences Between Japan and the USA---Number 28, 27 and 26 at Tamarack Creek, Sierra Nevada, California, USA.

#日本とアメリカ の違うところランキング、トップ30 #Countdown... WATCH Number 28, 27 and チャンネル登録

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#日本とアメリカ の違うところランキング、トップ30 #Countdown... WATCH Number 28, 27 and 26... チャンネル登録

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Be careful, you might learn something. Ha.

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I want to talk to someone in English because I'm living in apartment only me. I really study English again in SNS. If you don't mind, Could you please talk to me. In spite of You have lot of time. but I don't have smart phone. This message is from PC in my room.

Hi, お元気ですか?
I'm interested in learning English and teaching Japanese!
Sometimes I'll come here, よろしくお願いします!

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Hey, my name is Jewel, 16 years. I am learning Japanese and have been studying it at secondary school and I really want to improve. So if anyone wants to exchange Japanese for English then that's fine. I've never done this before so I might feel a little shy or confused.

However, it's nice to meet you all!!!
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