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This post originally appeared Job Tips for Geeks.

Ideally, I can decide to speak to you based on a few sentences in the body of an email/application, and then primarily read the résumé to prepare for our initial dialogue and use it as a framework during the call. Give me a few sentences to make me want to have that talk. 

I never ask for or expect a full cover letter with addresses and dates and all the formatting. Personally, I don't want to read that either, and I'd rather not task applicants with the hassle. All we're trying to do is start a conversation, and it shouldn't take much to get it started. Reading only a few sentences before making a decision will clearly make my job easier, but it will make the job seeker's life a bit better as well. There is much less pressure to have the perfect résumé if you can get past the first stage without that document being carefully judged. Invest five minutes in the application, and you can spend less time customizing résumés.

Roughly 50% of the applications I receive are résumé only. In 2013, almost 90% of my client hires included additional content. The data set is not large, but over my 15 years I'd expect that the figures would be rather consistent. Whether applying for an advertised job via email, an online application, or even if you are just blindly sending a résumé in the off chance a company might consider you for hire, the key concepts to address in the content that accompanies the résumé are:

Tell Me What Prompted You to Apply for the Job
Where did you see the ad? If you were on the major job boards, you saw hundreds. What was it about this ad that caught your eye and made you act? One sentence is plenty. If you saw the ad on the company's website, kudos–you weren't out trolling the boards; you were actually looking into us. What did you like about us?

Show Me Why You Believe You Are Qualified
It isn't necessary to write a long and detailed summary of your experience here, and you shouldn't. One or two sentences that distill the most relevant experience will get us to the next step. You can quantify years of experience in the industry and with a couple technologies listed in the ad, reference a noteworthy accomplishment, or briefly describe how a current or past role prepared you. A link to past work might help in certain cases.

Express Interest
If you've covered what prompted your application and your qualifications nicely, a simple "I'm very interested in learning more about this position…" can suffice. If you feel you may need just a bit more to put you over the top, demonstrating that you did a minute of research on the company can help. Is there a product we offer that you'd like to know more about? Did the way we described our culture have particular appeal to you?

Mention the Company's Name, Twice
Doing this lets me know you cared enough not to send a pure form letter. Applications that use generic phrases like "your company" (or the worst, "your esteemed organization") name scream "I'm just looking for any job" and not "I'd like to be an employee of COMPANY". The first mention can be in the opening sentence when you list the job itself ("…apply for Senior Python Developer at COMPANY"), and specify again in your closing.

Don't Do Anything Stupid or Desperate
Referencing the wrong company name due to cut/paste miscues is a common one, and although we are willing to forgive a small error it does give the appearance that the candidate has applied to several positions simultaneously (which is fine, but decreases our odds of hiring). Creating a tone that you are desperate to work is not helpful, regardless of how true it is. Make the recipient want to hire you based on your skills and not on sympathy. Don't ask me to hire you, just explain why I should want to.

And a few tips for specific situations…
If You Are Asked for a Salary Requirement…
If you are uneasy about providing salary requirements, at least acknowledge the request tactfully (as opposed to completely ignoring it). Try something like "It's difficult to provide an accurate salary requirement before knowing any other elements of employee compensation packages, as well as the job responsibilities and company's expectations for this role."

If You Are Applying for a Job in a Different City…
Recruiters receive many résumés from out-of-town applicants. When we see a non-local address without any explanation, it is often safe to assume that you are applying for many jobs all across the country. There is nothing wrong with that, but the odds that we will hire you become much lower if you are looking everywhere (more choices lower the chance you'll choose us). Combine this with the complexity of relocation–cost of living differences, moving costs and potential reimbursement, changing schools for young children, etc.– and the recruiter has to weigh the decision to spend time with you or someone local. Therefore, unless your résumé is spectacular, an non-local applicants may not be given the same level of consideration.

When targeting a move to a specific city, mention this in the body of your application. Companies will pay close attention to candidates that have concrete plans to move to their city, and agency recruiters are much more likely to work with you if you are only seeking jobs in one or two locations. If you can provide a future local address on a résumé, that may help.

If You Are Somewhat Underqualified for the Job…
There will be times when a job looks very appealing but your experience clearly falls a bit short. In this situation, the opportunity to write a few sentences in support of your résumé is your best shot at consideration. Recruiters will often give at least one chance to underdog candidates who attempt to make up for a lack of years with some enthusiasm or an interesting story. It is much harder to say no to someone who demonstrates that they are eager to work for you.
The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership Tips from a Recruiter: Don't Make Me Read Your Resume
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The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership, BBB offers 10 resolutions for a scam-free new year

With the New Year here, Better Business Bureau (BBB) has 10 resolutions that can help you fight scammers, prevent identity theft and save money in 2014. 

“In this day and age, you can’t afford to make mistakes”, said Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB Serving Central East Texas. “Taking preventive measures before opening your wallet is well worth the time and effort to keep from becoming a victim.”

BBB provides the following resolutions to help consumers have a safe, scam-free 2014:

1. Always check a business out with BBB before you buy.  Nearly 400,000 businesses meet BBB standards and are qualified to use an Accredited Business seal on their websites and at business locations.  Visit to find BBB Business Reviews for nearly 4 million businesses across North America.

2. Be skeptical of “job offers” that promise easy money. With high unemployment and long job searches common, scammers are targeting people desperate to find jobs. Beware of any job offer, work-at-home scheme or business opportunity that promises big money for little work and no experience.

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The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership, Cyber Wars / Job-seeker turned into ‘money mule’

Information technology deeply permeates our daily lives, from banking transactions to shopping to photography to chatting with friends, to name only a few ways.

This constant state of connectedness has been accompanied by a growing number of cases in which people become unknowingly involved in crimes and other trouble. This series of articles, “Cyber Wars,” will examine some of these hidden dangers that impinge on our lives

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The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership, Consumer 10 Report | Scamming of veteran a cautionary tale

Sharnai Skinner is proud of the eight years she spent defending her country, as underscored by the staff-sergeant insignia — four chevrons bracketing a star — tattooed on her left arm.

The Air Force veteran is anything but proud, however, of the manner in which she defended — or failed to defend — her finances.

“I’ve already accepted the fact that I just lost all my savings,” the 29-year-old Whitehall resident said. “And it hurts.”

Skinner’s recent financial blunder began with the best of intentions.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Air Force last January, Skinner returned to civilian life in central Ohio and decided to pursue a college degree. She made arrangements to attend school full time, starting this month.

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The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership, Scammers promise easy money in trolling for LinkedIn users

Source Link:

Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters.

Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters.

[Security experts warn against using LinkedIn Intro app for Apple iPhone]

Over the last year, swindlers promising employment have been spreading from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, where their fake profiles have been popping up as fast as the site is able to take them down, Bianca Stanescu, security specialist for anti-virus vendor Bitdfender, said Friday.

While job scams are regularly found on Facebook, LinkedIn was considered less susceptible because of its professional clientele, Stanescu said. However, it seems that a LinkedIn profile with a picture of a pretty woman posing as a job recruiter and promising easy money is too hard for people, particularly men, to resist.

Job Seekers

"It's especially enticing for men to click on these ads to work with such beautiful human resource managers likes Christina and Annabelle," Stanescu said. "We also found someone named Jessica."

In a recent scam reported by Bitdefender, "Annabelle Erica," a good-looking blonde, promised to put job applicants in touch with hundreds of companies looking for English translators.

"It doesn't matter what language you speak, as long as you speak English, and at least one other language, there are plenty of jobs for you available," the profile said.

Promising more than $3,600 a month, the profile included a shortened URL that linked to a website registered on a ".com" domain to avoid suspicion. The domain is a favorite among businesses.

On the site, applicants are asked for their email addresses and the passwords to their accounts. The tricksters also ask for a credit-card number to pay the fee charged for finding the job.

The scenario is common for job scams, Stanescu said. Some sites will ask for more personal data, such as bank account information.

Authentic LinkedIn groups, such as Global Jobs Network, posted the hustle featuring "Annabelle." Global Jobs has 167,000 users worldwide. Overall, LinkedIn has 2.1 million professional groups.

LinkedIn said in an emailed statement that it "immediately removes profiles that are found to be spreading inappropriate content or engage in spam/phishing."

"Additionally, we scan URLs against known blacklists in an effort to prevent the distribution of malware, spam or phishing sites," the company said.

Job scams have become widespread because of the difficulty people are having in finding work in the U.S. and Europe. While unemployment has remained doggedly high in the United States, across the Atlantic the percentage of workers looking for jobs in some countries exceeds 25 percent, greater than the U.S. Great Depression.

"LinkedIn is more and more popular (with scammers) because of the global economy," Stanescu said. "Think of all the people who are out there looking for jobs."

LinkedIn, as well as the names of other trusted brands, has been used for years in scam emails to try to lure victims to malware sites. Last year, security experts reported such scams were increasing at an accelerated pace.

[LinkedIn joins two-factor login bandwagon to keep hackers out]

Last month, LinkedIn was criticized for releasing an Apple iPhone app, called Intro, which embedded a link to an email sender's profile. Security experts said the app left users open to phishing attacks, while LinkedIn said the criticisms were based on "inaccuracies and misperceptions.

Job Seekers:

False job advertisements found circulating campus

The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership

With the rise of the Internet as an important tool in the arsenal of the modern college student, it is important to be wary of its potential dangers. Although many use the Internet as a tool to learn and communicate, there are those who use it for financial gain at the expense of others. One such way users do this is through false job postings.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, a false job posting that had been posted on bulletin boards in a number of buildings on the University of Maine campus was discovered. A student who immediately recognized that the flyer was fraudulent brought it to the attention of the UMaine Career Center. After the ad was verified as a fraud, it was quickly removed from all bulletin boards on campus.

Cathy Marquez is the assistant director for employer relations at the UMaine Career Center, and upon discovering the false ad, she posted a message on the FirstClass email system to warn students.

 “I looked at it and there’s no question that it’s got all the characteristics of a job scam,” Marquez said. “Easy work, no qualifications — you just have to be 18 years old, work from your laptop and it’s $19.95 to get you started. Money up front.”

The advertisement was posted as an opportunity to work for a fictional company called Page131. According to the advertisement, the company is looking for people for “easy work, consisting of simple tasks like filling out online survey forms and reading company email.”

It goes one step further by adding that if the job is perfect if the employee is a “college student, want[s] flexible income or [has] a job and need[s] extra income.” 

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Attester av The Avanti Group LLC

"Jay er en utmerket rekrutterer som virkelig passer inn i kategorien karriere trener for utøvende nivå fagfolk. Jeg har hatt mange positive samhandling knyttet til min egen og andres karriere gjennom årene. Hver gang har han vært en klarert fortrolig med eksepsjonell råd og vilje til å gå en ekstra mil for meg. Han er svært grundig med en utmerket holdning som gjør det svært enkelt for meg å diskutere mål og krav. På samme tid er han flink til å forme mine forventninger til gjeldende markedsforhold slik jeg realistisk om noen mulighet. Til slutt er Jay min gå-til fyr hver gang jeg klar til å endre karriere."

-Vice President of Finance, International Entertainment Company

"Jeg har leid Jay på en eneste basis å hjelpe oss med flere viktige søker etter vår finansielle operasjoner gruppe over de siste årene. Jay har alltid gitt eksepsjonell service. Spesielt tok han lover våre behov for hver stilling. Han lyttet nøye til våre krav så han aldri sendt oss ukvalifisert kandidater. Og hvis våre posisjon krav endres midt søk, han ville tilpasse søket tilsvarende. Han er kunnskapsrik om markedet, og han er alltid veldig forståelsesfull. Vi har jobbet med mange rekrutterere tidligere og Jay er, uten tvil, en av beste.

-Bedriftens kontrolleren, verdipapirforetak

"Arbeide med Jay var en gunstig opplevelse. Han hadde sterke relasjoner som førte til meg å bli plassert i en utmerket plassering. Han har en sterk kunnskapsbase og gir verdifull veiledning med hele intervjuet/ansettelsesprosessen. "

-Enterprise konsulent, store 4 konsulentfirma

"Jeg jobbet med Jay å fylle en posisjon i min gruppe. Jay arbeidet å forstå behovene til stillingen og forbedre forståelsen basert på tilleggsinformasjon i forhold. Han klarte å raskt gi kandidater, samt gi rask oppfølginger knyttet til kandidater. Til slutt, Jay funnet en ideell kandidat for rollen.»

-Visepresident & hjelperen kontrolleren, børsnoterte Online Media selskap

"Jay gjorde en utmerket jobb å bli kjent med meg som en kandidat og før jobbsøking. Dette gjorde ham mer effektivt og effektivt matche meg opp med jobbmuligheter som passer inn i min søkekriterier. Dessuten, han er veldig rask og pålitelig og alltid gjør tilgjengelig. Han har også gitt meg med veldig god intervju råd. En Jobbsøk kan være svært belastende. Jay ro og profesjonalitet hjalp meg gjennom prosessen."

-Kontroller, informasjon teknologi løsninger firma

«Jeg har jobbet med Jay i over 5 år. Jay var medvirkende i å hjelpe meg bygge en verden klassen globale regnskap og finans team. Jay sikret at han forsto vår forretningsstrategi og bedriftsmiljø. Han tok sin ære i å ikke bare identifisere kandidater men viktige bidragsytere. Dette aktivert meg å utføre forretningsplan som inkluderte 21 vellykket fusjoner og oppkjøp. Vår evne til å utføre var et direkte resultat av de sterke som Jay satt på plass.

-FINANS, teknologi reklamebyrå rangert på INC 5000

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The Avanti Group LLC Destinasjonssiden din beste kandidat


Tips om hvordan arbeidsgivere kan lande deres øverste alternativet i en kandidat drevet markedet: sakte men sikkert, Washington DC Metro området arbeidsmarkedet er bedre og gir flere alternativer for beste kandidatene. Hvis du var heldig nok til å ansette i løpet av de siste lavkonjunktur, måtte sannsynligvis plukke av søppel. Du kunne bare utlyser en stillingsannonse på Internett og få titalls høyt kvalifiserte programmer. Bla til 2013, og du kan synge en annen melodi. Premier kandidater mottar ofte flere tilbud, noe som resulterer i stillinger gjenværende åpne for uker, hvis ikke måneder. Mens det er ingen ufeilbarlig løsninger på dette problemet, er det flere viktige metoder du kan bruke til å forbedre dine sjanser til landing din beste kandidat.

1) Sett realistiske forventninger.

Det er aldri en enkel måte å redusere forventningene. Ingen ønsker å invadere til poenget med å ansette en ukvalifisert ansatt. Imidlertid er det viktig for å forstå kaliber av kandidat organisasjonen er i stand til å tiltrekke. Du bør spørre deg selv hva ryktet ditt er i markedet; Hva karriereutvikling og oppadgående mobilitet du tilbyr. Hvordan sammenligner kompensasjonspakken til andre selskaper, etc. Svarene på disse spørsmålene bør lede din hiring beslutninger. Tror det på denne måten, du ville ikke gå til en Mercedes forhandler og bli frustrert fordi du ikke kan få den skinnende nye luksus bilen for prisen på en Honda Civic. Jo bedre du administrere dine forventninger, jo mindre sannsynlig din rolle vil være åpen for lenge.

2) Fremskynde din ansettelsesprosessen.

Kunder som har den mest organiserte og væske ansette prosesser har en betydelig fordel over deres konkurranse for beste talent. De er i stand til begrense intervjuprosessen til én eller to runder, få ansetter teamet på samme side å koordinere tilbakemeldinger raskt og gjøre rettidige beslutninger som å tilby jobben. Selskaper som har langvarige ansette prosesser ofte slå av kandidater av deres langsom beslutningsprosesser eller miste dem til andre organisasjoner som bevege seg raskere. Selvfølgelig er en rask ansettelsesprosessen lettere sagt enn gjort når du koordinerer mange travle hverdag eller det er mangel på levedyktig søkerne. Men vil du drastisk redusere sjansen for å miste din beste kandidat til konkurrentene hvis du kan gjøre hiring beslutninger før de gjør.

3) Lære å selge din forretningsmulighet.

Mens første intervjuene er absolutt en mulighet for deg å evaluere kandidater, er det viktig å også bruke den tiden til å selge fordelene ved din mulighet. Du har bare én sjanse til å forlate et førsteinntrykk. En enkel måte å gjøre dette effektivt er å gå inn i intervjuet med det overordnede målet med overbevisende kandidaten hvorfor firmaet er et ideelt sted for dem å arbeide. Samle nødvendig data under intervjuet, men gjøre faktiske evalueringen når det er over. Ideelt du kandidaten til å forlate intervjuet glade for å bli med laget ditt, ikke slått av av dårlig ikke-verbal kommunikasjon eller mangel på entusiasme. Våre kunder er de mest vellykkede på destinasjonssiden topp talent gjør en utmerket jobb med å balansere deres prosess mellom evaluering og salg.

Av Jay Gennaro, rektor, Avanti Group

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Arbeidsgivere av den The Avanti Group LLC

Avanti Group leverer kontrakten og direkte rekruttere utleie i selskaper i alle stadier av vekst søker seniorer å utøvende nivå regnskap & finansmedarbeidere. Vi rekruttere for alle de store næringene i DC metroområde med vekt på informasjonsteknologi, fast eiendom, finansielle tjenester og Non-Profit. Med over 13 års erfaring og tusenvis av fullførte direkte-hire søk og kontrakt tildelinger, har vi utviklet en tilpasset rekrutteringsprosessen som vil hjelpe deg akselerere bedriften fremover.

Hvorfor velge Avanti gruppe?

• Ledernivå rekruttere kompetanse med over 13 års erfaring i alle fasetter av strategisk sourcing.

• Fleksible priser og betaling vilkår tillater oss å tilpasse din budsjettet begrensninger.

• Tilpasset kontrakt, kontrakt til Perm og leie løsninger gir deg en one stop shop for alle dine ansetter behov.

• Et stort nettverk og langsiktige fokus på å utvikle relasjoner med finansielle fagfolk som gir den mest effektive matche og redusert slitasje kostnader.

• Fokus på utvikling av ekte partnerskap med våre kunder som sparer deg for bortkastet tid å få transaksjonsbaserte søk firmaer fart.

• Ekstremt høy hastighet for oppbevaring og klienten fornyelse grunnet våre samarbeid modell. Vi fremme en sterk kunde tilnærming og bevist gjennomsøkningen methodology.

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Om selskapet

The Avanti Group LLC

Jay Gennaro, grunnlegger og rektor, bringer over tretten års rekruttering og ledelse opplevelsen til rollen som rektor av Avanti Group. Jay overvåker alle virksomhet utvikling og rekruttering innsats for firmaet. Før opprettelsen Avanti gruppe, holdt han direktør posisjoner med en vellykket regionale søk firmaet og et børsnotert nasjonale rekruttere selskap. Jay opptjent økende nivåer av ansvar i hele sin karriere, og har utviklet et bredt faglig nettverk. Har han fullførte direkte-utleie og kontrakt søke oppdrag for de regnskap, økonomi og informasjon avdelingene av mange av de fremste arbeidsgiverne i markedet. Hans klienter spenner fra små bedrifter med stor vekst multi-milliard dollar organisasjoner.

Jay mener nøkkelen til hans suksess er hans evne til å bygge effektive relasjoner. "Min rolle som rekruttere partner er ikke bare å gjøre plasseringer, men å være en klarert fortrolige og rådgiver. Hver og en av våre kunder og kandidater er unike og vi streber etter å virkelig samarbeide med dem. Jeg stolt meg selv på det faktum at jeg kontaktet regelmessig av kandidater og kunder at jeg møtte over et tiår siden."

Jay er utdannet ved University of Massachusetts med en grad i økonomi og en mindre i virksomheten. Han og hans kone bor i Arlington, VA

Kontakt Jay direkte på:


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