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[[ Rules, rules, rules!! Read them, Dammit! ]]
These are some of the rules for the community!
The rules can be, and will be constantly updated as needed!

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ General Rules! ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

1. No God-Modding. This includes auto-hitting, bunnying, going beyond the set limits of your character, and all other nonsense. If caught god-modding, you will receive a strike!

2. No Out-of-Character fighting, bullying, arguing or anything along the line! Racism, sexism, harassment and all that will NOT be tolerated. I'll kill you if you do You will receive a strike, and depending on the... extent of the damages caused, you may be banned.

3. No Sexual RP's or Pics please... It's mostly my personal preference, but if you want to do something like that, please take it to a private post. If RP's get too sexual, you will be warned and the post will be removed.

4. You Need an Approved Profile to Roleplay either two from mods, or one from owner, and you have an approved profile! If caught roleplaying without an approved profile, you will be warned, and the RP will be put to an halt until you have an approved profile.

5. Do not Stalk our Mods or harass them in any way If you are caught going to Mod's posts to ask for approvals, or starting arguments with them, you will receive a strike. Be respectful to them, and they will respect you back.

6. Both Original Characters and Crossovers are allowed However, we don't want destroyers of worlds tumbling into this realm, so, well... They should be sufficiently nerfed. The 'rifts' they fall through to enter the realm drain them of their powers until they are weakened to the world's standards... let's keep it at that!

7. Ask, before you jump into a RP. It's Courteous. And, don't interfere an on-going RP without permission. Ask, and receive permission from both admins before you join.

8. There are no limits to how many profiles you can make. Make one, or two hundred! As long as you put as much effort into making it as it takes for us mods to read it, I'm happy.

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Profile Rules! ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

1. You are limited to 3 separate 'Special Abilities'.
A list of abilities that are banned will be made separately but, they include omnipotence, invincibility, ability to 'steal' other people's powers, etc.
Special abilities should be limited through how much they can be used, and drawbacks to overusing them.

2. Keep limited to 3 different weapons.
A 'set' of weapons, such as throwing knives, bow and arrows, a pair of gauntlets, would be categorized as one weapon.
'Dual' weapons, on the other hand, such as 'dual guns' or 'dual knives' will count as separate weapons

Also, I do not like 'tracking' or 'homing' type weapons, as I feel they are raaaather OP.

3. Although you can be about any race in this community, there are still some limits. You can't be a 'god' or 'goddess' as.. well, the 'Ruler of the Dimension' is not careless enough to tear them from their own universes, as that will send said universe into chaos. While 'reapers' are a species that I will allow, 'Death' himself is banned as a character. Death that rules alongside the 'Ruler of the Dimensions' and is not confined to one dimension. And of course, the 'Ruler of the Dimensions'

4. There are three kingdoms you can be affiliated to, either 'Owari' 'Kaishi' or 'Chukan'. If you are unaffiliated to any, please put, 'unaffiliated' instead!

5. Be Logical! I know this is a world where all beings of all universes come to life, but I want us to be able to keep some semblance of logic.

6. Yes, hybrids are allowed! Just don't get too ridiculous with it- If I see you're an angel/demon/elf/neko/dragon hybrid or something like that, I mean, I won't ban you, but I'll silently judge you. A lot.

7. Generating an element and Controlling it count as two separate abilities. So, say fire manipulation. If you can both create fire without the aid of a tool out of thin air, and take control over the course of said element, as how the fire behaves, that counts as two separate powers. If you want your element manipulation to count as one, limit it to preexisting sources.

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Banned Powers! ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

Stealing other people's powers.
Time/Space Manipulation.
Ability to travel through universes.

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Banned Species! ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

"Ruler of the Dimensions" or simply, "It".
Gods and Goddesses.

[[ Links you might want to look at- ]]
The Community's Lore

The Profile Template

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So sad this is ded

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I forgot about this place.

Well, if anyone has character troubles, just come and talk to me.

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[[ Announcements and that Shnaz ]]

And while I'm at it, another announcement.

Because I'm a dunce and I have trouble keeping up with everything, I'm trusting one of our mods, my friend, to be a co-owner with me.

Please welcome +Yuki Kiryu as a new owner!

Pops confetti

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Taps the community cautiously ...?

Well, this community is.. quiet.
I should try and bring this place back to life..!

I'll have more information posts regarding the community, as well as..

Perhaps a small event?

A gathering of people from different kingdoms, to have a party! A ball?

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[ Birthname ]
Arcturus Xavier

[ Preferred Name ]

[ Age ] 18

[ Gender ] Male

[ Race/Species ] Parahuman

[ Affiliated Kingdom ] Unaffiliated

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Appearance ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Complexion ]
[ Physique/Build ]
[ Hair Color ] white
[ Eye Color ] black
[ Height ] 6 ft 10 in (human form)
[ Weight ] 120 lbs

[ Scars/Tattoo/ETC ]

[ General Description ]

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Psychology ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Personality ] (At least one nice, decent paragraph, please!)

[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Combat ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Weapon of Choice ]

[ Special Abilities ]
He can transform into a shifting mass of hooks, blades and other weapons. He prefers to assume of the form of a large wolf-like creature, but is not limited to that shape. Even when he appears human, he has metal encasing each of his muscles.

He perceives his power as him pushing metal out from a 'core', into which he can draw his fleshy human body for protection. His eyes still remain human, but are protected by a shifting screen of blades. It takes energy to create metal, although he is able to "recycle" it by drawing it back into his core.

His alternate form can take an amazing amount of damage, being torn in half by Leviathan. However when this happened the 'core' remained undamaged. This allowed him to shift his remaining half back into his unscathed human state. He was unable to change back for a while afterwards being so depleted.

[ Limits to Abilities ]
can only go between "human" and "metal" forms, cannot create blades away from his main "body".

[ Strengths ]
near invulnerability to conventional forms of damage, extremely high offensive and defensive capabilities

[ Weaknesses ]
Mobility, anyone with Magnetokinesis, extreme heat (like lava temperatures)

[ Fighting Style ]
shifts into the "metal" body and wades into battle with little thought given to risks

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Storyline ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Bio ] (At least one nice, decent paragraph, please!)

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☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Basics ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Birthname ] Nagai
[ Preferred Name ]

[ Age ]

[ Gender ]

[ Race/Species ]

[ Affiliated Kingdom ] ' 'Kaishi'

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Appearance ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Complexion ]
Pale White

[ Physique/Build ]
Has a puny body. His body isn't very strong, but has good energy, and good enough endurance to take in military exercises and activities

[ Hair Color ]

[ Eye Color ]

[ Height ]

[ Weight ]
140 pounds

[ Scars/Tattoo/ETC ]
His chest has a scar, not big though, minor

[ General Description ]

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Psychology ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Personality ]
Nagai is a very quiet fellow. He likes to do things solo since he's never met anyone that was able to keep up with a intelligence span. He only wishes to follow those that are smart, but will follow anyone if needed. He is very loyal while wanting only the best for his never forgetting allies, and those who think of him as a friend, even if he turns them down.

[ Likes ]
Nagai likes rice dumplings, and meeting people who use their brain instead of brute force

[ Dislikes ]
Only one thing, Idiots. Oh yeah, also mushrooms (lol, X:D)

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Combat ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Weapon of Choice ]
Nagai has studied to the uses of many firearms while personally favoring single fired weapons, but his favorite 2 are a dart blaster, shooting darts that can make his enemies sleepy and drowsy

He also uses a small pistol with a silencer. The ammo in the gun is 12 semiautomatic bullets. And his final weapon, his brain. While using his intellect to survive many battles and survivals amongst him.

[ Special Abilities ]
Nagai is able to summon a black matter ghost,only which can be seen by people who are demonic. A being with superhuman abilities.

[ Limits to Abilities ]
The ghost is able to to take bullets and rays and such,but will automatically be destroyed if smashed in the head. If raining outside, then the Black matter will fall to the floor as it won't be able to withstand the density and will then wash away along the floor. (Only heavy raining)

[ Strengths ]
Unlike many fighters, Nagai uses his intellect to win a fight. He uses a his "ghost" as well, but his brain is his greatest tool. Nagai uses the items around him to defeat enemies.

[ Weaknesses ]
Nagai isn't, and wasn't born a fighter. He doesn't excel in hand to hand combat even though that he knows many of the styles used for it. His only strong technique and ability is using his ghost. His ghost is aggressive as a fighter, but without it, he doesn't while can't give a strong punch or hit without something powerful to use it

[ Fighting Style ]
Nagai likes to put his opponent at a disadvantage. He likes disabling them, or ridding them of their weapon and then if so, using his ghost to finish them off. Nagai can, and will use anything that's able to be a weapon. A stick? Break it in two and stab them in the opponents arm or such. A rock, throw it. Anything is his weapon for him.

☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆ [[ Storyline ]] ☆~~~~~☆~~~~~☆

[ Bio ]
Nagai always wanted to live a quiet life. People always thought to dislike him for being "unique" and not "losing his limbs" as a normal person would. Even though very few know of his species now, he prefers to keep it like that so everyone, whomever, and wherever can appreciate for who he truly is, because being known able to regenerate has then became his worst type of source, but only making socializing bad for him.
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can't remember if I ever made a character in this community, thinking of bringing in a character based on someone from the web serial Worm since the powers there all have set limitations already (if you haven't read it then do so, just with the warning that it is DARK, extremely so, also it's really really long)

+Raishi The Half-Breed
The boat, Bastion assumed it was such, had landed overnight in the blackwood forest. Bastion sat still with Ganymede, the pair hidden in a set of bushes on a high rise overlooking the coast as they watched the people depart the wooden schooner in question. 

I'd like to sat this place isn't dead, but I'm not sure.

Plz tell me I can still get a decent rp here?
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