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The Commute is what we call the walk from downtown San Jose to San Francisco. It's a walk you can do on your own, but we find it's better with friends.

We're leading a group training walk next Saturday (April 2) and it's open to anybody. Come on down for a nice walk from San Jose to Campbell and back again.

See you out there!

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Anyone interested in a Street Art Walking Tour of North Beach & Chinatown? If you are, then check out this link:

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A stylish solution for every person who ever walks in the dark - this includes crossing a parking lot to enter a store, or walking to and from an office building. Not to mention dog walking. You deserve to be noticed by drivers! Please follow/share also on Twitter:

#pedestrian_reflector #reflective_accessories #HiViz #Life_saving_paint #walking

I've set up a Walking and Gaming group. It's focused around Alameda, for the time being, but anyone's welcomed to join:

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Here's some scenery from my walk last weekend. These are from Golden Gate Park, Lands End Park, and Crissy Field in San Francisco.
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I've put in a few steps today. And yes that is a Nintendo pedometer. Contain your jealousy.

Do you listen to music when you go for a long walk? What's the soundrack of your stroll?

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Started this community; gotta plug our own event: The Commute. a challenging 52-mile walk from San Jose to San Francisco taking place on Saturday May 31.

Whether you join us as a fitness goal, as a personal challenge, or to get out and meet people, we work hard to make sure you come away having had a great experience and an unforgettable adventure. This will be an event you remember for the rest of your life.

Come on out and Walk The Commute!
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