Bagaimana cara Youtubers mendapatkan uang miliaran Rupiah lewat iklan Youtube??

Workshop: Cara Mandapatkan Penghasilan Lewat Youtube

Lokasi: Kumpul Coworking Space
Rumah Sanur Lt. 2, Jalan Danau Poso No. 51A, Br. Semawang, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali

Waktu: Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016 | Jam: 13.00 - 17.00 WITA
Investasi: Rp 200.000 / pax
Fasilitas: Materi, Seminar Kit, dan Snack

Materi Workshop:
1. Membuat akun Google dan Youtube
2. Praktek langsung menjadi Youtube dan Google partner
3. Praktek langsung membuat dan monetize video
4. SEO untuk video
5. Tips dan trik meningkatkan peringkat video
6. Tips dan trik menjadi kaya raya lewat Youtube
7. Cara meningkatkan traffic ke video anda
8. Apa saja peluang penghasilan lewat Youtube
9. Benefit: langsung mendapatkan penghasilan saat workshop

Pembayaran bisa dilakukan via transfer
Rekening BCA 0490445340
a.n Gde Brawiswara Putra

Konfirmasi pembayaran dan informasi lengkap ke
081380301201 - Gde
081936464231 - Grace
0361 265713 - Kantor BOOTSTRAP (jam kantor)

Catatan: Bawa laptop masing-masing


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Strategically located within 3 minutes drive to Berawa Beach and Canggu Club, this 2,000 Sqm plot, rectangular shaped land is ideal plot to build your future dream home in Bali.

The land has private road access and utilities such as electricity and water are close by. 

Location: Canggu
Facing: West
Land Status: Freehold
Land Size: 20 Are (2,000 Sqm)
Road Width: 4 Meters
Access Road: Asphalt

Price /Are /Year : IDR 9,000,000

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This 33.5 Are (3,350 Sqm) plot of almost rectangular, flat land has a guaranteed access via a good quality asphalt road and can be leased in smaller plot of minimum 4 Are.

Location: Canggu
Facing: South
Land Status: Freehold
Land Size: 33.5 Are (3,350 Sqm)
Road Width: 4 Meters Meters
Access Road: Asphalt

Price /Are /Year : IDR 16,500,000

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Strategically located on the main road, the land is rectangular in shape terraced down offering rice fields view making it ideal for a private villa development

Location: Canggu
Facing: South
Land Status: Freehold
Land Size: 3 Are (300 Sqm)
Road Width: 6 Meters
Access Road: Asphalt

Price /Are /Year : IDR 9,000,000

Click the picture to read more detail!

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So which title is the most suitable for foreigner to obtain Property in Indonesia legally?

Please be advised that Indonesian Government is very open to foreigner who wants to invest in Bali and foreigners are able to legally obtained a property in Indonesia several the options more..

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Ideally located in Echo Beach, this 930 Sqm plot of land presents a good opportunity for a private home or a villa rental development, with great access and proximity to a host of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Location: Canggu
Facing: North West
Land Status: Leasehold 25 Years
Land Size: 9.3 Are (930 Sqm)
Road Width: 5 Meters
Access Road: Limestone

Price /Are /Year : IDR 10,500,000

Click to view more picts detail.

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President Jokowi Simplifies Business Practice in Indonesia by Eliminating Five Type of Business License

In another move to encourage both domestic and international investments into the country, Indonesian President Joko Widodo recently eliminated five types of business licenses to lessen the expense and time involved in dealing with a top-heavy national bureaucracy.

 The President made this move after informing the Presidential Cabinet that Indonesia ranks as number 109 among the 189 countries in ease of conducting business, which comes off unfavorably for Indonesia.

The change in licensing requirements is currently still being informed to the public, media and private and government sectors with more:

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Four Things You Should Know Before Buying Property In Bali

Buying property or land in Bali, while a very attractive idea can be very daunting and not to mention complicated but it’s not an excuse to take the easy way out. There is a proper way for everything and for something worth having like a home or a land in Bali, you really should be going through the right channels to save yourself a whole load of trouble and stress later on.

There have been many cases where investors enter deals with “middle men” who are not official real estate agents from a registered company, only to find themselves trapped in situations that are just not ideal. One of the more popular reasons for using these “middle men” is of course, the price quoted. You may be delighted with the price that they quote as it will be much cheaper, but you may not know of the risks that you’re taking such as zoning restrictions by the government, which means that the land you’re buying/leasing is not buildable, or there are no road access, or the certificate for the land may be held by the Court or the Land Authority, or the land is in the collateral accounts payable. Other more drastic examples may include that the land may have double or a false certificate, or that the purchase was done without knowledge of or acknowledgement of the landlord of his/her heirs, etc. 

Is that the risk that you would want to take on an investment such as this? So, why not go through the right channels and proper procedure? more...

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*Four toll roads Plans in Bali; priority given to Kuta-Tanah Lot route*

Four toll roads with a total length of 156.7 kilometers that will connect Kuta, located in the southern part of Bali, and Lovina, in the island’s northwestern area is planned to be built in Bali.......Click the picture to read more

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Freehold or Leasehold?

Property market in Bali is growing a by leaps and bounds, fuelled by an increase in demand and supply availability in Bali. It has remained favourable for both local and international investors’ inline with the property price that is continuously showing an upward trend. Bali is still considered a safe location for investment amid the global economic uncertainty. This fact has attracted number of investors, both local and international to acquire property in Bali, they are confident about the island’s business climate. Some of investors’ top concerns of investing in Bali are long-term investment (land banking), as 2nd home, or to be used as a business source either for long term rental (annual rental) or daily rental basis, as holiday rental villa 
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