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Does anyone do watermark comission for DA points?
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My new OC
Base & Art by me

I'll draw two Oc's


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Aaa- gonna have to get more art of him.

if offering, his ears are sperated from his head/hair
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Can someone draw my oc?

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Can someone draw him ?

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Anybody want to draw on artpile with me?,I'll draw ur oc if u want on there it's a free app which me and another person can draw at the same time.

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New oc ?
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|• Contest •|

Redesign this game-made oc!

|• Rules •|

i. Try not to make a mary sue
ii. Keep the design close to the original game made design.
iii. Only use the color palettes below. You may add colors, but try not to get rid of colors.
iv. You may use a base.
v. Do not steal ideas.
vi. You may make her into a pony/furry if you cannot draw a human!
vii. There are 22 color palettes. You can choose whatever ones you want, or stick to the colors of the oc.

|• How to join •|

1. Reshare!
2. +1 this post!
3. Follow +Little Lia !
4. Comment “oo la la” saying you have read all the rules!
5. Have fun!

If someone tags you and you would not like to be tagged, please just mute the post.

You may post up to 3 entries.

I will be keeping extra ocs that i really like, but will not be selling them for points unless i keep them for at least a whole 2 months and have extra arts of course

Any other ocs that i do not keep will be given away in a raffle.

Please specify if you want the oc when you post the entry if I do not keep it.

|• Prizes •|

Please offer if you are not joining!

1st: fullbody, halfbody, 2 headshots, 1 custom

2: sketch color fullbody, halfbody, 1 sketch color headshot, headshot

3: sketch fullbody ,sketch color halfbody, 2 sketch color headshots

Thank you!
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Base by me
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