Hi guys,

I'm conducting Google+ research for a client of mine. I was wondering how I could get invites or get access to Circloscope when the account is not mine. Do you guys know any other Circloscope alternatives?

Hey everyone, i just wanted to ask how many projects you get initially as a personal user here on +NOD3x ? +John Dietrich +Lee Smallwood ? 

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HELP Hi, I've just logged into NOD3x with my G+ account and was just wondering how long it should take for data to load - I thought it was in real-time?

I set up a simple project HDR-photography and used the keyword #photography (with the intention of adding more later).

However, nothing seems to be loading apart from the default food-drink project. Is it working?

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Nod3x Tutorial Hangout
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Nod3x Tutorial Hangout
+NOD3x tutorial hangout with +Lee Smallwood and +Wade Harman!
Open up your world on Google Plus by getting to know the most powerful tool for your G+ account there is in Nod3x.  It's a free tool, and you can try it out here: http://nod3x.com

This month, Lee is going to show us some changes happening to Nod3x and what their differences are.  Let's get acquainted with this tool together!  

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Hi +Lee Smallwood Trying to find my way back to the 30 day challenge but it isn't showing up in my list of communities, this on isn't either but I found it through search.  Can you direct me to it please?

I wanted to ask about this:  It would explain some things for me. I found this as a comment on a YouTube video:

"activity" means users opening the Google+ homepage and scrolling, commenting, and clicking on things.

Does NOD3x also measure scrolling? That would explain something for me.  That is why I have some people all over me (possibly problem users) that never engage.



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Can NOD3X do this?
If no, can I request it? :P
See here:
which was produced using:

I like that it shows me different groups of connections that I have, with auto-assigned colour categories. It also is a good way for me to discover the crosslinks between groups that I didn't realize had crosslinks.

I have many many many more people circled on G+ than I have connections on LinkedIn, but this means I want this type of analysis here so much more.

It would be nice to run this analysis on all of the people/pages I have circled, but I think it would be even more useful to be able to constrain the analysis to a prescribed set of circles. I would also like to turn off the in-direct connections. Only show my direct connections, and the connections between these people.

Keep up the great work! I love using NOD3X!


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Topic analysis around Illnesses and Diseases

#sna   #socialnetworkanalysis   #data   #visualisations   #nod3x  
Illness & Diseases most talked about across social media

The following visualises Illness & Diseases  most talked about across social media over the last 10 days - inspired by the flu I have currently ( cough cough cough)  ! Visualisations and analysis are using new techniques on nod3x.com not currently released ...

Google+ Relationship Analysis Question
Would it be easy for you to indicate in the CSV download which profiles/pages are I already have circled, and which ones I don't?

I would like to do an eigenvector centrality analysis, but then only look at a list of those I don't currently follow, or vice versa.

Is there an indication given for when my Eigenvector Centrality analysis has ended? (Or any of the other options)

The graph currently still says "Loading Circles". will I be told when the analysis is done? Its been running for hours. (Though I do have a lot of people circled)

Am I just being impatient?

Also, once the analysis is finally done, is there a way for me to save the result so I can keep coming back to it later without having to run the analysis again?

Thanks for this awesome tool!

I really like the Google+ relationships tool. Is there any way I can limit the analysis to a subset of the people I follow by selecting which of my circles to analyze?
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