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NOTE: if you dont roleplay you will be banded 

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((I'm new anyone wanna rp?))
Name: flower
Family:lord betrayus

im new to pac world and no one seems to like me because of my father betrayus. I go to school and everyone glares at me but the one they call pac-man he just looked at me. I look down sadly thinking I was gonna have no friends. I walk out of school I see my uncle then...

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forgot the photos XD
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Name: Snow
Age: 11

 Friends: Pacman and the ghosts except Pinky 

Crush:  Pacman                 

Personality: Calm,Cute and Brave,has a good imagination 

 Enemies: Pinky

((Snow has a crush on Pacman))

Snow ran and ran  and  she stopped.......


Ok you NEED an oc or you can be: PacMan and the ghosts also whoever you want from the show ;please and thank you Rules: NO SWEARING its too much XD  no faking just no....... and also dont do fake OC's and finally.......NEVER CHEAT 





Crush:                   ( if yes put the crush's name down)



and thats it!
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