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Join me in thanking our developers! The rosterSync-Admin Edition Add-On has now been fixed! You will be able to log in and get past the enrollments settings in step 1. Try it out and let us know what you find!

Hi there,

I'm very happy with rostersync as it saved me a lot of time creating classes and adding students to it but I've hit a snag.
The process seemed to have frozen and I've tried to restart it. At this point, roster told me some of the courses have already been created, so they were no longer "new" but it had not added the students to the courses.
I believe that when I've restated rostersync Google was still dealing with the previous requests and now, there is no way for me to add the remaining students to the class created. Does that mean I cannot add new students to class, via rostersync, after the course has been created?
Am I doing something wrong?


How do you re-provision a classroom if a teacher has mistakenly declined it?

Thank you.

Epic fail on my part....didn't name courses unique enough, so some courses have 60 students where there should be 2 courses, 30 students in each.

Do I rename the courses on my original ss and re-upload? Or do I rename the courses on the ss created by rosterSync?

Thank you in advance.

Hi all,
I have tried to create all of the classes and all looked to be going well, i have indeed created all of the classes. Only issue is, I have managed to create them without noticing none of the students are actually assigned to classes.

Is there anything I might of done for RosterSync to miss assigning students to classes?

Has there been any resolution to the "TypeError: Cannot find function indexOf in object [object Object]." error? I got this after removing and re-installing RosterSync today and can't work out how to fix it. I was re-installing to try and get around another issue, wherein while the update job is running I get the error "Insufficient tokens for quota 'DefaultGroup' and limit 'USER-100s' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:574356631328'." in the "Update Status" column for a course, and the update stalls.
Any ideas? Classes starting Weds, so am a bit concerned about this problem.

Everything works well until the students try to get rostered into the class. I get the following error. I am a Super Admin for our teachers domain but the students are on another domain. Any help is appreciated! The caller does not have permission
Account doesn't exist on the domain.

I created about 100 classrooms with no initial issues. (YES!) When I had a staff member accept one of her classes, it did not automatically create a calendar for it or any other classes that I pushed out. Is there an easy way to create the google calendars or is it just something that doesn't work when you rostersync classes?

Any update on the errors?

Saw the feauture of adding Guardian Emails wth Roster Sync at the #NVThrowdown last night. Where can I find more info about this. What to use this in combotion with ATS sync for classroom assigments.
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