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I've make chrome extension for integrating Skymod with Steam workshop web page. So its simply will add download button in steam workshop that linked to skymod item. Visit my github for dowload, demo, learn more or contribute.

Could someone tell me how to actually download these mods? Everytime i hit download i get taken to a different site and it downloads something that is call "Your file is ready" or something along those lines. I want to get all the Star Wars mods but i also dont want to download a virus lol

hello, somebody could please share the CX UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun
mod please, i really , really want to use him

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Привет ! Загрузи пожалуйста карту Берлина новую. Хочу-нимагу ее очень сильно:

does anyone know how to get Real Time mod working ? it keeps saying it needs to be subscribed on the steam workshop to work.

Is there a possibility to get me an up-to-date version of Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany?

You guys are the best i give u 10000000000/10

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