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Framerate, lag and other such issues. Fixes and possible solutions! Updated for v1.6 and Disasters DLC!

So, I figured I'd write a little list of tips and tricks to help with the framerate and lag issues. Obviously not a quick perfect fix (sorry!), but any additional frame per second we can grab is a welcome addition! I managed to go from 4fps at ground level and 8fps in birdview with 20k residents to 20fps at ground level and 39fps at bird view with 100k residents. Worth it!

This could turn out to be a pretty long post. Will be using chapters to format it a bit. Read on!


###CH1: Info###
> CH1.1: Usage of hardware
> CH1.2: Question: So why is the game always lagging?
> CH1.3: CPU
> CH1.4: RAM
> CH1.5: GPU

###CH2: Settings###
> CH2.1 Direct X 9 vs 11
> CH2.2 Game Settings
> CH2.3 GPU Settings

###CH3: Mods that decrease framerate and cause lag###

###CH4: Mods that increase framerate and reduce lag (yay!)###

###CH5: Misc###


###CH1: Info###

!!!If you use a laptop with an Nvidia GPU, make sure the preferred GPU is set to High Powered Nvidia GPU for Cities Skylines in the Nvidia Control Panel under Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings. If not, it may end up using your IntelHD GPU!!!!

> CH1.1: Usage of hardware
C:S is a very RAM and CPU intensive game, and is actually rather mild on the GPU.

RAM: Every asset in the game, Vanilla, DLC and Custom, are loaded into the RAM when you launch a map or savegame.
CPU: runs the code, both Vanilla and Mods.
GPU: renders the textures and graphics effects.

> CH1.2: Question: So why is the game always lagging?
Answer: Because it runs on the Unity Engine, which was NOT designed for simulation games of this scale. The biggest issue with this game is the fact that it does EVERYTHING, all the time. You could be staring at the sea for an hour, and in that hour it still calculates, routes, renders and controls every single truck, car, sprite and waving tree everywhere on the map. It does all this on the CPU, which is why A: it makes your computer sound like a jumbojet, and B: low-end and older CPU's can't handle the game very well, even on the lowest of the lowest settings.

Can this problem be fixed at a developer-level? No. Unity does not support Lazy Loading (Loading an asset as you look at it).

> CH1.3: CPU
The recommended specs for this game are "Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz". This can run the game up to about 50K residents without any mods at around 20-25 frames per second. Once you start using mods, particularly traffic mods, you will be facing severe lag issues. Minimum requirement for smooth gameplay is, unfortunately, an Intel Core i7.

> CH1.4: RAM
Vanilla game without any mods uses about 3.5GB RAM. The Snowfall and After Dark DLC add another 1GB to that.
Once you start using mods, every mod is loaded into the RAM for the duration of the game. So if a building is 10MB, that's 10MB RAM it will use. This is used even if you don't actually place the building.

If RAM requirements exceeds the available amount of RAM, the game will crash.

You can use the Loading Screen Mod (667342976) to see how many GB the game uses. The listed Gigabytes in the centre of the screen is your RAM usage.

I would recommend at least 8GB for vanilla, and at least 16GB if you use around 1200 assets. Note that buying additional RAM is a cheap alternative to buying a new computer. Even most laptops allow you to swap or add RAM.

If you are low on RAM and can't afford an upgrade, you can try increasing the Virtual Memory. Make sure you have enough space free on your drive, as this is physical disk space Windows uses as overflow RAM! Go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Performance: Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory: Change. Change as needed, save settings, and reboot the system for it to take effect. I would recommend using the same drive where your OS is installed, (C:\, usually) or you'll run into lag from the transfer speed.

> CH1.5: GPU
The base game itself is relatively mild on the GPU, with a 4 year old Nvidia only requiring 28% power. Any mod that adds visual effects, like the Sun Shafts mod, will affect the GPU. As will terrain textures.

No, the game will not run on an IntelHD. Don't bother asking for help with that, it's incompatible and should be taken off the market.


###CH2: Settings###

Turn off and quit every single program you don't need. Don't run a music program, don't run a browser, etc. Force-quit any non-vital application in Taskmanager>Details that you recognize and don't need. (For instance, Acrotray, Adobe Updater, etc)

If you use an Anti-virus, enable its Game Mode. Or better yet, turn the AV off completely. Some have that option. Antivirus programs, while vital, are massive resource hogs.

> CH2.1 Direct X 9 vs 11
Annoyingly Google+ turns every hyphen with a space in front of it into strikethrough text. I can't stop it from doing that, so for now, please turn every = sign into a hyphen (the small horizontal stripe next to the 0 on your keyboard) if you intend to use the code. Sorry for that!
Cities Skylines natively runs on DX11. DX9 is not as resource-heavy, and is a better option.
1. Rightclick on the Cities Skylines shortcut. Click on Properties. Go to the Shortcut tab.
2. Add =dx9 at the end of the Target. It should look like his, depending on where your game is installed: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cities Skylines\Cities.exe" =dx9

Note that there is a space in front of " =dx9". It won't work without the space!

(Steam users: Libary > rightclick on Cities Skylines > Properties > Set Launch options> enter '-force-d3d9' without the quote marks.)

> CH2.2 Game Settings

In the game's Graphical Menu:
- Shadows Quality: Off
- Anisotropic Filtering: Off
- AntiAliasing: Off
- Shadow Distance: Very Short
- VSync: Off. (Slows things down. Turn on if you experience screen tearing.)
- Film Grain: Off. (Renders grain!)
- Depth of Field Type: Off
- Depth of Field Amount: Turn it down

- Texture Quality: Experiment which works best.
- Level of Detail: Experiment which works best.
I've found that the level of these two don't really affect FPS anywhere near as much with the above settings disabled. Difference between High and Medium is about 5fps.

In the Gameplay Menu:
- Dynamic Weather: Off (Requires GPU and CPU power)
- Auto-open Chirper messages: Off (every UI interaction can cause lag, automatic ones are not welcome!)
- Autosave: Every time it auto-saves, the game hangs for a good 2-5 minutes. Your choice.
- Day/Night Cycle: Brilliant feature, but lighting=resource drain. And the lights at night are very heavy. Off is easier on your PC.

Disasters use a lot of resources. Turn them off if you don't need them.

> CH2.3 GPU Settings
Open up your GPU's control panel and load the profile for Cities Skylines in Manage 3D Settings> PRogram Settings. (I am basing this off an Nvidia, AMD is similar.)

- Preferred Graphics Processor: High-Performance Nvidia Processor (AMD should have a similar option)

- Anisotropic Filtering: Off
- Antialiasing - FXAA: Off
- Antialiasing - Mode: Override any application setting
- Antialiasing - Setting: 2x (Try 4x or 8x CSAA if your GPU isn't too bad,.)
- Antialiasing - Transparency: Off.
- CUDA - GPU's: All
- Maximum pre-rendered frames: Use 3D setting.
- Multi-display/MixedGPU accelerator: Single Display (Unless you use two screens for the game.)
- Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance. (!!VITAL!!)
- Shader Cache: On. (Saves CPU power, which the game will thank you for.)
- Texture Filtering - Anisomorphic Sample Options: Off
- Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias: Allow
- Texture Filtering - Quality: Performance
- Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimisation: On (Turn off for really bad GPU's)
- Threaded Optimisation: On
- Triple Buffering: Off
- Vertical Sync: Use 3D application Setting
- Virtual Reality Pre-rendered Frames: 4


###CH3: Mods that decrease framerate and cause lag###

Gameplay mods:
- Traffic++ and Traffic++ V2 (Use TM:PE instead)Are incompatible with v1.6 and newer!
- Network Extensions & Network Extensions 2
- Traffic Manager President Edition (TM:PE) (Lower Simulation Accuracy and disable Advanced Vehicle AI for less lag)
- Traffic Manager + Improved AI
- Sun Shafts mod (Rendering these uses about 8fps.)
- Rush Hour Mod has also been abandoned!
- Unlimited Trees Mod (Increases active trees on map)
- Dynamic Foliage
- Billboard Animator
- Roads United mods
- More Diverse Crowd
- More Flags
- First-person camera
- Proper Hardness
- Mark-a-Route
- Realistic Vehicle Speed
- No Despawn Mod
- Random Tree Rotation Also causes flickering trees!
- Aedificium - Hotloading workshop items while you play (Don't think it works without the workshop, listing it anyway)

Graphical mods:
- PostProcessFX (Melts your GPU!)
- LOD Toggler (Melts your GPU!)
- Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
- Dynamic Resolution (when used to increase resolution. Decrease for less lag)
- Ambient Occlusion
- Better SMAA
- Decal Prop Fix
- Shadow Strength Adjuster
- Moon Phases
- Skyscape 1
- Rainfall
- Moving Sun
- Night light mod + cycle

Any terrain textures of a high resolution.


###CH4: Mods that increase framerate and reduce lag (yay!)###

SteamID listed behind mod name.

- Mesh Info (453956891) Use to find out which assets are absolute crap, are too heavy, have a too high triangle count and use too many resources. Anything listed in red is worth thinking about removing.
- Loading Screen Mod [Test] (833779378) (Enable the three Share options to reduce RAM usage. Use to identify missing assets and see the total asset RAM usage.) Currently doesn't work with non-Steam versions of the game!
- Prop Remover (518456166) (Remove all)
- Remove Decoration Sprites (547533304) (Remove all)
- Remove Dirt (548149310) (Remove all)
- Clouds & Fog Toggler (523824395) (Disable all)
- Dynamic Resolution (406629464) (Decrease for less lag)
- No Deathcare (803074771) (Removes death-pickup(they just despawn) and the need for hearses, which means less vehicles to calculate!)
- No Seagulls (564141599) (Less sprites=less lag!)
- District UI Tweaks: Hide Names (433557907)
- Chirpy Exterminator (405791507)
- No Radioactive Desert And More! (666425898)
- Theme Mixer (775021554) (If you want to use a specific texture but not everything from a theme.)
- Ultimate Eyecandy (672248733) (Disable Bloom. Also allows you to set the light and such ingame.)

- Sharp Textures (793176674) (Note, for some this may increase lag. For me, it gained me an extra 2fps while sharpening the game.)

- FPS Display (407683828) Doesn't reduce it, but adds an FPS counter. (programs like Fraps are too heavy.))


###CH5: Misc###

Additional things that might help:
- Clean out your computer/laptop. Coolers and fans gather a ton of dust, and if they're clogged, system performance takes a huge hit. Dust on the GPU and CPU also cause heating issues.

- Remove trees wherever you can. Grab the Better Bulldozer mod or use the Tree Brush (rightclick to remove) to remove as many trees as you can miss. Especially those in places where you can't see them anyway, as the game still creates them.

- Build a good Public Transport system. More people in trains/buses/metro's means less cars, which means less resources required to render and track them.

- Heavy traffic jams cause massive amount of lag. Changing the existing road network also causes lag, due to the fact that all vehicles have to re-calculate their route. Use TM:PE's 'Clear Traffic' option to despawn all vehicles instantly.

- Lowering the screen resolution improves framerate, but make sure you use a similar frame ratio. (Don't use 16:10 on a 16:9 screen.)

- Run the game as Administrator. (Rightclick on the shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > select Run as Admin)

- If you use the Steam version, disable the Steam overlay and Cloud sync!

- Disable the massive amount of utterly useless Windows services. Google for a decent guide for your windows version. SKIP IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

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