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Hello! Everyone! My name's Riku and hopefully soon we'll start actually posting here! hint, hint, wink, wink. What can you post? Covers, art, info about your status, cool things you've seen, if you're looking for collabs etc... We're just starting up so feel free to post anything youtaite related (or vocaloid/anime music)!

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After 2 years, Sunne and I decided to re-cover Magenta!
The progress is crazy ;_;
It would mean a lot if you checked it out and let us know what you think!

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Sorry I haven't posted in while because I've broken my tablet --" =... But here's a new drawning! What do you guys think of it? She's a UTAU I'm creating from my friend voice and isn't finished yet...

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I've gotten onto the bandwagon 8) Covered the ERASED OP in English!
This cover was rushed, so hope it's not too bad ><

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This release features Aeriys, Nengo, Love, Makoto, Kumoshi, Lin, and Kusabi!

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I maked a cover with Mawarine Shuu. He's amazing <3

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Starting 2016 with a really sad song...
It was physically painful to sing, so I hope you all like it ><;
I know there's problems with the animation, first time I do it for myself aha...ha... ahem
Anyways, I'd appreciate comments/likes/etc. on video, but like...lemme know what you think? ♥

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This is... The biggest cover to date on my channel! Duet of "Wave" with +Kurumi くるみ!
HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who worked on this ♥ 
For the first time, I would really like that whoever enjoyed it COMMENTS/LIKES the video, A LOT of people were a part of making this the way it is! :) 
But in the meantime, let's dance ;)

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It's finally here!!
BIG thanks to +Sunne for the animation and extra ad libs!
Also thanks to +deejyung for the beautiful art! 
Bigger, better, more worked on covers from here on~ 
Kinda excited x] Hope you all like this! Let me know what you all think ♥
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