I chose Synth +2 at character creation.
After getting by 10xp, I see that on my playbook, it says that I have the option for +1synth (max3), however in the main book, it has (max2).

Which is the actual max here?

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Hey folks, I recently talked to Hamish about this cool game The Sprawl; have y'all ever heard of it? Seems like it might be fun :P

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I'm still in the process of character generation for my live Twitch-based game, but I'm actually having a lot of fun using technology for background monitoring as well.

So far I have two videos up so far of play here: http://bit.ly/SteelSeraphYoutube

I stream the game here: http://twitch.tv/SteelSeraph

One of the elements one of my players suggested for organization was bringing all of our non-stat information into Trello, so I've built out three boards that are working surprisingly well.

The first, open to the players, is a general world board, where I give ideas of what the world in general looks like, based on their descriptions of the corporations, and the world as a whole (picture 1).

The second is my general notes board, keeping a lane for each player and questions regarding their background that I explored in character creation (picture 2).

Lastly is my Plot Radar (repurposed wholly from @dungeonbastard :)), which explores what elements I want to bring to the forefront now or in future missions. I'm looking forward to meshing all of this together!

Stop by sometime if you want to watch, and see my flub my way around running the game :)
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I'm just going to leave these here...
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Hi, I run my first game in the Sprawl. How do you apprehend "owned" ? Wich degree of control have the "owner" ? Especially when the owner is a Corp. Do you establish the specifics individuals who have control of the character as a Threat ?

Cause the players dont have the possibility of delete "owned" without the major advencement, this seem very oppressive for the player owned. "Do that or we kill your family/ you/ we place your brain in a tub and your mind in a isolated matrix construct until you say yes".
In the trilogy of Gibson, "owned" is very hard.

I'm very curious about your thinking about that. For "hunted" too, in fact.

(I'm French, please tolerate my english ^^)

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I just pushed the go button and approved the softcover PoD for sale. The hardcover proof hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully that won't be too much longer. The softcover is $20, the hardcover will be $35 (both bundled with the PDF) and anyone who bought the PDF already will be getting a discount coupon via DTRPG shortly.

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I streamed some demo pregen generation for the Great Falls Comic Expo this weekend.


So I'm running the Sprawl, my first experience with a PbtA game other than Dungeon World. So far me and my group are enjoying it a lot. I'm sure I'm messing a bunch of stuff up but I'm getting better for sure :)
There is one thing I'd like some help with though. Should I track the harm of opponents who do not warrant their own harm clock? For example, say a prototype is guarded by 6 security guards. Should I track the harm of each of them or consider them more as a nebulous blob of "threat"?
Or, should I do neither of these things maybe? I don't know, some input would be greatly appreciated!

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Corp Specific ICE
I'm currently MCing a game set in the Android: Netrunner universe. (We have four players including myself, all of whom play the LCG, and it seemed like a natural fit.) There haven't been that many encounters between our Hacker and ICE, but I need to start using it way more, as the PC is wrecking shop in any server he gets into.

To add some Netrunner "flavor", I'm thinking about making some Corp specific ICE. How ICE looks and behaves not only makes the game feel more Netrunner-y, it will also give the players clues about what Corp the characters are messing with. If they pay attention.

Haas-Bioroid ICE:
Whenever a piece of HB ICE executes a routine, the player loses 1 hold (if any) from either the Compromise Security or Manipulate Systems move.

Jinteki ICE:
Whenever a piece of Jinteki ICE executes a routine, damage an intruder’s cyberdeck (Lower one of the cyberdeck’s ratings by 1).

Whenever a piece of NBN ICE executes a routine, trace an intruder’s location (Trace +1).

Weyland ICE:
Whenever a piece of Weyland ICE executes a routine, corrupt an intruder’s program (Destroy an active program).

This means Crop specific ICE always gets an additional effect when it executes a routine. That might be too much. Maybe instead of the additional effect, the ICE should simply do an extra point of something when a specific routine is run. So Jinteki ICE would lower an intruder's cyberdeck rating by an additional +1 if the MC chose that option.


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I hate these maps, as they connect stations that are connected to one another in a functional way rather than a geographic way.

So... perfect for describing cyber system layouts for runs.
This tool creates subway style maps. Could be way useful for a variety of settings!
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