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hey guys! Any artist in here? If so i have a contest for ya!

It's a cover contest for the group!

Have a cool design for the group? do you want your design feature on here and to represent our group!

Here are the rules:

1. no swears obvioulsy in the picture
2. must be created by you
3. it can be a group effort but only a maximum of 2 people
3.has to have the words " Year of the Youtaites" or "Youtaites Unite!" or both.
4. Be creative!!
5. No bashing others in this contest!

How it will be voted on:

i will do polls of course of each piece. there will be 4 rounds and 4 or more chances to vote depending on if they are ties.

Please submit in the folder:  Y.O.T.Y. Contest folder

Have Fun! It ends at April 15!

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Sharing this a capella I did based on this track rom chrono trigger:

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i sang Ai Dee with Snivy Nobuyuki as my 100+ sub special !!! please check it out, and thank you for your support and subs !! \(^∀^)/♪

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Come stop by SadSynth & Friends Radio Stream! Great music :D

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I don't believe I've posted any of my covers here in a while... So here's my most recent cover, The Reluctant Heroes from Attack on Titan.
There's probably a quite a few on my channel/G+ page since I last posted so feel free to check those out too.

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Happy to come back after a small hiatus :) I have so much more energy and drive.

I decided to redo this cover which is one of my favorite songs. I absolutely love Guilty Crown and wanted to try and do this (more) justice (I said try...). Thanks for all your support :)

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Anyone else playing Breath of the Wild as much as I do? xDD

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I haven't uploaded in a while but I finally put something new up!
Aqua's Theme from Kingdom Hearts
RIP breath control X_X

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Sang a Christmas duet with Lollia!
Check out my duet with @YTlollia of Holy Night from #Toradora
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