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Any plans to create a module set for the new Dresden Files Accelerated system, or make this more Fate-generic? ToonStore has honestly been one of the cooler ways to keep track of characters I've ever seen, but I've only had the occasion to really use it just recently.

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to ToonStore and this group and I'm having a problem. Created my account today and made a character, but when I go to print the sheet it won't print the Notes section nor the picture. Does anyone have any advice? (I'm using Chrome)

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Starting my #DMQuests

Why are stress tables capped at a length 8? While player's don't often go to 10 or above, I also like using this tool with NPCs, and being able to go past 8 would be... highly convenient. It would probably require adding a second row of numbers below the first, and be a tad bit confusing to people who aren't in the know, but so very invaluable.

Made some bug fixes today (thank you +Ronald Lugge!), and added a button for shapeshifters to copy over their non-shifted skills to the shifted section. Makes creation easier.

Broken Printing

Mild issue first, printing doesn't work 'right' in chrome -- when i switch to safari it prints right, but Chrome has some ugliness and wrongness going on.

Major issue is that stress boxes aren't printing. At all. Any idea what's up? Just getting what looks like some angular JS noise.

You will temporarily see a big banner warning you that the site is unsafe, that's just because my SSL expired. You should still be able to click through the warning and get to the site though, it's perfectly safe. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have this resolved.

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In light of the underwhelming response to the most recent plea for support, the ToonStore is now accepting Paypal donations. I'm hoping the only holdup was my bitcoin-only policy. https://toonstore.net/site/donate

Great tool, very useful.

Can I suggest an option to remove the pentagram watermark behind the Power Level & Refresh section for non-Dresden Games? Technically the Power Level is only Dresden too, but it's a minor thing.

For you shapeshifters out there, good news! The stress tracks now also shift with you, so beast forms with much higher endurance than you can now have a longer Physical track. You're welcome :)
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