Ola sou desenvolvedor parabéns pelo apps

Спасибо за приложение!
Подскажите, как можно изменить количество товаров в заказе (к примеру, удалить товар после общения с покупателем) через интерфейс приложения?

Hi i bought this apps today,,,any one knows how to put product category and can i use from multi mobile/location ? or how to add users>

I cant see product images on products section

How to make singnature box


in my shop, the only piece of paper that still need to process is the proof of delivery.

If in the app section of the order, by the PDF ot Print, there was a button to add a signature or a picture that would add this to the order details info, that would make my busiess 100% paperless...

So : signature for delivery, I will pass my tablet and customer sign on it or take a picture for the delivery proof of the customer.

thank you again

I can see the reception of an order but not its content. Why?

Hai.. How to upload product?

Is not the Push notifications appearing in the App how to resolve?

Our company would LOVE to have an port of this for iOS! I have an android and think it's the best mobile manager out there for WooCommerce
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