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Name: Drake Maduslix

Age: Unknown, as Drake is one of the noble, yet elusive Zodiac.

Powers: too many to write down currently, and still adding as the character progresses

Gender: Male

Likes: Drake enjoys lazily lounging around wherever he decides to land himself, be it the vacuum of space, earth, or even a star. (If it isn't obvious yet, then it's safe to say I, the admin, am also lazy)

Dislikes: Humans.

Bio/story: Being one of the first Subordial beings, or second species to exist, after Primordials, Drake has been around for quite some time. The Capricorn Zodiac, and founder if the dreaded Order of Twelve Moons, the Noble Zodiac force that even went as far as to obliterate Hell and Heaven for the sole reason that a god claimed superiority. During this full scale war, the Zodiac consequentially got fucked up, their members obliterated except for Drake, who has a special ability to regenerate at any speed necessary for survival.

//All I'll give for now. Battle oc obviously.

Type: I don't know what ya want here
Drake Maduslix
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Isnt my best picture...
(Rushed lol)

Name: Ethan

Age: 16

Powers: Flying, Fire Powers

Gender: Male

Likes: Video Games!

Dislikes: Chores

Bio/story: I don't Remember, But I think someone knocked me out... (HAD Amnesia)

Type: Cyode (Anthropomorphic)

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This is Jen Morphies my oc

Age: 17

Bio: a demon kitsune, was abused by all her adopted families, on the run, has magic and wings but she hides them

Name: Jenalena lee Morphies
Age: 17
Powers: shape shifts,fire, dëmôn summoning, flying, mind reading
Gender: female
Likes: Candy,kids, girls and guys, cats, and fun things
Dislikes: bullies, dogs, sour things
Bio/story: she is a victum of abuse, on the run, royalty, a kitsune, and witch
Type: fox/girl
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