I am having a hard time wracking my brain around grenade rules. I need specifics because, shocker, I plan to run hex using battlemaps.

core says "Grenade, Hand: While there are several different types of grenades, all are treated the same in regard to the rules. Hand grenades explode in a five-foot radius, damaging everything in the area (see Area of Effect Attacks, p. 127)."
Q.) Using a standard 5 ft.-square battle-map, would a standard hand grenade affect an area Burst 3 (the hit square, and the 8 surrounding squares), or just one square?
Q.) When dealing with range bands, does a 10ft. range on a grenade affect the distance of the throw and/or the blast radius?

core p. 127 defines area effects as "Characters caught in the radius of an area effect attack only get to use their Passive Defense rating for their Defense roll. Creature size and wound penalties (if any) are not factors when defending against area effect attacks, but any cover your character has or armor he is wearing will grant him some protection."

SSW further defines Area Effects as, "Area effect: Accurately throwing a grenade requires an Athletics roll, but extra successes do not increase the damage. When a grenade explodes, it damages everything in its area of effect (see “Area of Effect Attacks” in Hollow Earth Expedition, p. 127). Roll the listed damage rating against all opponents in the area. The damage inflicted is reduced by one point for each five feet an opponent is from the explosion. (I could not find this sentence in core)"
Q.) How does "The damage inflicted is reduced by one point for each five feet an opponent is from the explosion" apply to a battle-map?

SSW says about the mills no. 36 grenade, "...It is accurate when thrown out to 25 feet, but can hurl its fragments further than this."
Q.) How far can the fragments be hurled? Where is the rule located?

If anyone can point out any other information to which I've forgtotten to ask about use of battle-maps in HEX, that would be great, too. 

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Escape from the Hollow Earth
Chapter 6 - "The Vault of the Iron Guardians"

The exciting final chapter of this series! Will the heroes escape the Inner World? Will they defeat the evil Doctor Vortex?


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Escape from the Hollow Earth
Chapter 5 - "The Fate of Atlantis"

The heroes are captured by Atlantean slavers and must survive the gladiatorial arena in order to escape!


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The story of Utuk the Hunter, NPC from my current campaign, as written by one of the players.

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NPCs from Escape from the Hollow Earth. Marduk of the Vril-Ya. Hierophant Tiamat, Queen of Atlantis. 
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Escape from the Hollow Earth. Fighting lizard men on a bridge. Fighting allosaurs in the arena. Fighting giant centipedes in the sewers.
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Hello Folks, I am currently recruiting for a new Hollow Earth Expedition game to be run from 7:00 PM eastern to 11:00 PM eastern on Thursdays. The concept of the game is that the PC's are members of a film crew of Universal Studios currently in the Colorado Rockies, seeking to film an adventure film but by some circumstance will end up in the Hollow Earth, where they will need to survive but also return with footage that will make them a blockbuster film. So far we got a Director and a Doctor. We could use a Male Lead, Female Lead, Wilderness Guide or other support staff for the film. One character with the crew will have the Atlantian Blood talent and this will come into influencing the plot. If one of the PC's does not take it, an NPC with the party will have it. Anyway here is the link to the listing if you're interested. Hoping to get 2-4 more players for the game.


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"The Library of Skulls" - Escape from the Hollow Earth, Chapter 4

The Hyperion Society expedition must defeat the monster Barugon as they explore flooded crypts and make contact with ancient civilizations using telepathic crystal skulls in the latest thrilling chapter of Escape from the Hollow Earth!


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"The Temple in the Lake" - Escape from the Hollow Earth, Chapter 3

The expedition must survive deadly dinosaur attacks in order to explore an ancient Atlantean temple at the base of a jungle waterfall.

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