Because Google is killing Plus, please join the Upperland Beta at Google Groups:!forum/upperland-beta

This is an email based discussion and should make easier for me, in the end.

Happy New Year.

In 2019, Project Firefly will raise and burn the skies.

What do you gauys want for on-screen controls?
There is currently a pre-set of sizes. Do you want bigger sizes?
Or do you want to have also pre-sets of button position?

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RockDroid #1 Beta 1 is now available:

Please help to test it, and share any improvements you think would be good.
I will keep in beta until I have a new in-game menu and replace a few more tiles, that while original, people may see as ripoff, due to being very look-alike.

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Rage is a powerful tool.
RockDroid is mostly finished.
Changed quite a few (ugly) graphics also to avoid possible copyright infringements by mistake.
Added a map when starting a stage.
Added two long warnings at intro.
Beta is the only character.
Can't use any weapon, only Coil, Jet and the energy Tanks.
Plus more.

Now I have to test it to make sure this version actually works from start to end. Should do that later, as I am out of my home right now.

Merry Christmas.
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Google removed Rockbot1 from play store for good.
Trolls flagging the app have won this time.

I will make a new version with a new name a cut out features.

More details on our facebook comminity page.

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Quando a versao completa sair para a play store ela sera gratis?
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