I've updated both free and full versions yesterday.
One issues that was fixed is that, disabling play services was not helping in cases that you get a freeze on the start of intro level. This was due to the get_achievement not checking if play services is enabled before running the request.
I've removed first boot dialogs to enable play services and cloud save because of those freezes, until I find a way to reproduce and fix those problems. You can still enable those in the config, that shows a warning about crashes now.

Also, full version was really outdated, so you will notice more changes, like bosses on all 8 stages. I now will go on into implementing more boss behaviors and create design/graphics for castle bosses.

Oh, I moved Rockbot2 full to beta. To get in, use this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.upperland.rockbot2

Why there aren't any updates to the full version or this community?
Well, I want feedback, like bugs, ideas, suggestions, criticism, to improve the game.
And I am getting none.

Please, give me some feedback :)

Want to test Rockbot 2 full version?
Join the test team through this url: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.upperland.rockbot2

Don't forget to give feedback commenting here or writing an email to protoman@upperland.net

###### WARNING ######
This is the complete version, but this not means it is currently complete. Some stages are still missing boss, enemies and refinement.

This is an ALPHA testing for the game, bugs, incompletion, issues, problems are EXPECTED.
I am releasing this for people to help TESTING, so do not complain if you can't finish a stage or the game or it crashes. Instead report it to me, so I can fix the issues you find while testing.

Thank you.

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First open beta demo (free version) is available now!
It DOES contain bugs, be warned.

Get it in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.upperland.rockbot2demo

Is there a version I can get for windows?

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I am seeing this everywere so I decided to make one.

I played and i can ser, some Stages have a GREAT diference in the Level design... Buy this have to be Better in the Final version, I Hope
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