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"YOU FOOL!!!!"

Name: Joshua Wilson

Alias: Doctor Boring

Age: Classified

Gender: Male

Height: 6'. He's 6'3" in suit.

Alliance: None

Occupation: Hunting

Costume: Black and Yellow Armor-Padded Suit

Skills: He knows Karate, Kung Fu, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Military Training, CIA training, basically kinda a good fighter

Weapons: 2 swords, Light and Dark (both can shrink to a pen, and both don't have powers. They just glow), a shield (also shrinks to a pen, and can bounce off walls), 2 pocket knifes, a sniper (that shrinks to fit in his quiver), 2 pistols, arm swords (swords that come out of his arm), wrist strings, and cheeseburgers

Likes: cheeseburgers

Dislikes: fools

Achievements: Too many kills

Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Flexibility
Superhuman Agility
Superhuman Thinking Skills
Radar Sensibility
Immune to most sickness
H2H Combat Skills
Very skilled with using 1 or 2 swords, and throwing them. He's skilled with using a shield and throwing it. He's very skilled with 2 pistols and a sniper. He's skilled with throwing knifes, but can barely use them in H2H combat.
Very skilled at boring you to death
He has wrist watches that can be used for telling time, communicating with people, attracting his weapons back to him using a magnet, deploying arm swords, shooting out an extendable string out of his wrist, and can be used for internet access (like an apple watch)
he carries Cheeseburgers with abilities that do crazy things, like blowing up, or smoke bomb, or teleporting, or..... just...... being a cheeseburger
Flexible Armor, with few bullet-proof armor pads. They are his arms (up to his elbows), his shoulders, his face guard, his waste guard, his knees, and his boots.

Still can be killed by bullets, being stabbed, stuff like that
Blind without his glasses, or Combat goggles

Personality: Nice, Chill, Fun, Foolish, Serious on missions and life-or-death situations, and Boring 😀

Bio: Joshua Wilson grew up in New York as a young boring scientist. One day, he spilled one of his experiments on a cheeseburger, which sparked the idea to create Power Cheeseburgers.
But it goes down when he accidentally poured one of his experiments on a taco and ate it. Luckily, it wasn't deadly, but it turned him into a superhuman. One problem, tho: the experiment made him nearly blind. He, with the help of doctors, had to invent glasses that he could see with. For combat, he uses goggles.
He spent the next few years being trained by many MMA masters. He also started making weapons and gear for him to fight with. He started with 2 Katana Sword and poured Light Flames and Dark Flames potions on them, so they would glow fiery and look awesome. He then took 2 pistols, a sniper, and 2 knifes for extra equipment. Finally, he took a shield and poured a bounce potion on it, so it can bounce off stuff.
He also made himself a suit. Sadly, the suit is not fully bullet proof. It has a few pads that are bullet proof. They are his arms (up to his elbows), his shoulders, his face guard, his knees, his boots, and his waste guards. His suit is only fully shrapnel proof, dust proof, and has enough room for him to get in with his goggles. His suit has a quiver for his sniper and shield, pockets on his thighs for his knifes, pouches on his waste for his swords, pouches on his lower legs for his pistols, pouches on his chest for his cheeseburgers, and the suit enhances his abilities. It also has watches that can call people, tell time, deploying arm swords, shoot out an extendable grabbing string, attract his weapons back to him, and can be used for internet access, like an Apple Watch. It's like a ninja costume, but advanced.
Now he needs a name, and since he's
a boring doctor, he calls himself Dr. Boring. 😱
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Hey everyone I started my own collection if anyone is interested! Its called "Great ideas for Lego Games and Lego Dimensions".

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Time for Venom To Spice Up this War

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This so cool! I got The Vision.

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