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"I think sustainability looks at the world and looks at problems in a more holistic way, it looks at it from different facts, rather than just from one point of view."

Meet the last member of the CYC Youth Facilitator team, Abhinav.

Today is the last day to sign up for the CYC and we have few spaces left at the camp! If you know any youth who would be interested and want to learn more from about sustainability and systems thinking from our youth facilitators, please share this opportunity with them.

Go to our website or contact us at

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Dear Compass Education friends,

We’ve just started a fundraiser on Generosity to support us building youth leadership at Compass Youth Camp this June. "Help Us Build Youth Sustainability Leadership!" is a fundraising to provide scholarships for youth who are passionate to learn about sustainability and systems thinking as well as having a unique and life changing experience at the Compass Youth Camp 2017 but cannot meet the camp's tuition. In this one-week camp they will learn skills that they can bring back to their school and communities and becoming powerful youth leaders for a better world.

We are looking to raise $2500. Please take a look and our crowdfunding efforts in any way you can, share in your virtual networks or contribute to making the world a better place!

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We are thrilled to announce new guide to the tools and methods that we promote and have used to train educators and students! The Compass Education approach adapts and utilizes the AtKisson Sustainability Compass and Accelerator tools, together with a number of different Systems Thinking tools and methods, to allow sustainability learning to happen without necessarily having to explicitly focus on this sometimes controversial and often times abstract term and concept. Check it out and think about joining our initiative!

Visit our website to find out more about our tools

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Compass Education is still looking for a few campers for this year's Compass Youth Camp (CYC)! Applications are open until May 28th.
This by-youth-for-youth camp will be led by a team of excellent youth leaders who will share the Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools in a fun and engaging way. Learn about sustainability and systems thinking, fun indoor and outdoor team building activities, community visit and service, gain facilitation skills and many more!
If you know of any youth who you think would enjoy and benefit from the experience, please share this exciting opportunity!

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New from our blog Prevailing Winds. This article is written by Shani, an IB teacher and CAS Coordinator at Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS), who is also passionate and talented Compass Educator. Check out how she used the Sustainability Compass tools and the Iceberg model on a school project to investigate the conflict in Jerusalem. The tools helped the students to deepen their understanding of the complex systems that exist within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and how these affect the entire ecosystem of the city.
Please take time to read this great teaching resource. Feel free to share and give comments or questions below.

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Compass Youth Camp update:
Scholarship application will be closed today so send your application now if you want to be considered for a scholarship.
Non-scholarship application will be open until May 28. Visit CYC webpage for more details about the camp and application

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Update from Compass Youth Camp:
Scholarship application deadline is extended until April 26 and we receive non-scholarship application by May 28. Send your application now and join this by-youth-for-youth camp.
Please help to spread the words!
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