LINGERIE where is it acceptable to where lingerie?
I'm sure this is already happening somewhere but it's something I've been interested in for a long time along with a few others, it almost goes with bikini car washes, which I dk if I've ever actually seen there typically in full shirts,shoes,hats,etc but a business that lingerie is the work outfit. Such as a lingerie cleaning services, or other kinds of services that can be done where lingerie can be and is worn fundraisers, restaurants, stores(other then adult or sex). I would love to be able to spend my time getting all dressed up and sexy in my lingerie outfits everyday and actually have people see me instead of pictures every now and then. That's been something I've been trying to figure out how to do in a comfortable environment. you know a fetish theme get together at the adult sex store sounds interesting but I'm just a little socially awkward myself so to have somewhere that's not just random that I can do somewhat regularly and make money would be awesome. Now I know sex sells but that's only a part in this. I can only speech for myself but I don't always feel completely confident fully nude there are parts of me I'd rather not be completely exposed, and I also can't dance or do any kool tricks on a pole,so that leaves me with limited options for the way I found that helps me to be able to explore building self-esteem or just feeling good bc I like how I look without feeling ridicules. I can't just go to a friend's house or the store bc it's not really acceptable publicly but also not illegal depending on outfits exposure. and it's depressing to get dressed up with no where to go and no one around to and if there was someone there typically that someone might be expecting sex, or just find it odd. let's face it there aren't a lot of work environments that are set up for this, if there's anything that I'm not thinking of please let me in on it. I guess I might have found interest in the wrong thing but hey who's to say I might stumble on something I've missed, but for now my job search is pending bc it's still just an idea

Fetish escort service,, bc it's sad that some people never reach sexual gratification bc of other's judgments. something that has always had my interest is how people look at things and what is is that makes us like and dislike things. see I've never really had a passion for anything and have a hard time making decisions bc I don't really know what I like when it comes to more then a few things maybe this is bc it changes so often I'm not entirely sure but this is just temporarily aggravating to know that there was I something I liked but was embarrassed about it or feared to feel that no matter how close I was to someone else if they knew it would change the way they looked at me or felt about me, so what? I don't ever get to experience or explore into those things? Some people can go there entire life not able to trust that it would be fully accepted. now I'm not talking about sexual gratification through any acts of sex,oral sex,anal sex,fantasies,role play,threesomes or any porn categories. I'm also not preferring to just ones with certain parts of the body yet these are one of the most popular. But I haven't given this one my full thought it's still just an idea.
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