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Name: gygar orochi
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: see first pic
World: f-zero
f-zero machine: cosmic diamondback (second, third, and forth pic)
Simple bio: just a bounty hunter who loves to race
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jack IV was now at the Sol 2 track looking at the ground below making him feel nervous and you?
(open rp)

is anyone on

Name:Jack Maxton IV (Fx-350)
Team:AG systems
Bio:a zoroark(if Pokemon is allowed)who is the son of Jack Maxton III (F9000-FX-300),he is kind but he gets shy most of the times

im so sad they shut down liverpool studios so lets keep the glory of wipEout alive
whos with me?
i got wipeout hd and the fury expansion but i never got to play it

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Feel lonely.
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