Sylvia: walks to shadows grave and finds a note by it
"Sylvia meet me at are favorite place whenever you get this"
sighed shadow the pond runs off to the pond
+Serafina The Badass Vamphog

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Fanart for this rp

mephlies: is walking alone looking sad
blade: m-mephy?
mephlies: yes?
blade: um mephlies I...I am your daughter
mephlies: w-what? ho-
blade: red
mephlies: I.....
blade: hugs him
mephlies: crys tears of joy
+Serafina The Vamphog

espio: what so your going to date bad boy's now?
Sylvia: I think I can change him esp plus were not dating
espio: you said the same thing about shadow
Sylvia: says the one who said the same thing about sera
espio: sorry that i'm trying to look out for my student I mean come on Sylvia he beat up a bunch a kids he's a theft and does drug
Sylvia: how about you leave this to me esp
espio: i'm sorry but the same thing happened between you and shadow and well he's dead now
Sylvia: you wonder why I broke up with you because you care too much and blame people to much
+Serafina The Vamphog

Sylvia: keeps staring at the wall and you say her name and she turns to you
+Serafina The Vamphog
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