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Name merdia
Age 13
Gender female
Species shapeshifter
Powers can turn inro anything fire ice
Personality care free fun serious
Bio loves a lot of things loves animals parents died her favorite form is dragon and wolf

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Name/ Natalie
Age/ 12
Creature/ shape shifter
Gender/ female
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Name:  Crystal 
Age: 18
Species: Fairy Mermaid
Weapons: Her Blending
Personality: Sweet and Loveable but hates her dad and she thinks of lissa dad was her day
*Powers:*Like her Half Sister Lissa when her feet touch the water they turn into a Tail but is a  water Fairy
Bio: She is Lissa Half Sister they have the same Mom who is a MERMAID and but Her dad  Cheated on her mom when her Mom was prego with her.  She has no Relationship with her dad all she knows about him is he is a water ad Ice Fairy and is a Prince of his Land 

Name:  Lissa
Age: 17
Species: vampire mermaid
Weapons: Her control of elements
Personality: she is a real bad ass she will protect her Sister at all cost and never gives up without a fight and hate to fail
*Powers:*on land has legs but when in water has a tail and can control all five element ( fire earth water air and Spirit )
*Bio:*Lissa is  Crystal's Half Sister they have the same Mom who is a MERMAID and but Lissa's father is a vampire 
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here with questions

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Name: Shadow
Age: 14,000
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Powers: Can suck your soul out, can teleport, invisibility
Personality: Dark, evil
Weapons: Whip
~Height: 6'9"
Bio: Unknown

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Name: Isonus (totally made that up)
Age: 16 for eternity
Gender: Female
Species: Goddess
Powers: dream interoperation, flight, manipulate the elements, impervious to pain
Personality: cheerful until ticked off
Weapons: her mind, the elements
Bio: the daughter of Isis. She was cast out because she refused to do what she was told, she was rebellious. So now she walks the earth trying to be normal, though the wings usually give her away.

Isonus sits at the edge of the lake examining a flower. She smile as she plucks the petals off and putting them gently in the water when...

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Name: Stella
Age: 1400
Gender: Female
Species: Siren
Powers: Can lure sailors to their death, can turn tail into legs and gills into lungs for a few hours, control over water
Personality: Kind, shy, loyal, cruel at times, smart
Weapons: A silver dagger
Bio: Stella lost her parents to pirates when she was young. She learned to control her powers a while later. Now, as revenge, she kills sailors for entertainment.

Stella swam in the lake, then stopped at the edge of it. She stared up at the starry night sky and smiled. She jumped as...
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