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Smart answer by a female passenger on a flight...

A guy asked a beautiful lady sitting next to him...
'Nice perfume.....which one is it?...😍 I want to give it to my wife..!!'
Lady: 'Don't give her....some idiot will find an excuse to talk to her..!!' 😜😜😜

A cute excuse:
Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: Mom & dad were fighting.
Teacher: So what makes you late if they were fighting?
Student: One of my shoes was in mom's hand, and the other in dad's..😂😂😝😜


Wife: I hate that beggar.
Husband: Why?
Wife: Rascal, yesterday I gave him food. Today he gave me a book on
"How to Cook !!! 😡👌😂😜😃😄

Husband came home drunk. To avoid wife's scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
Wife: Did u drink?????
Husband : no!
Wife: Idiot!!! then why are you typing on a suitcase?!!!

Don't laugh alone. Pass it on 😂😂😂 to your buddies..

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My smallest interpretation of one of the designs from my dentata fruit bowl project so far! For scale, the evil eye bead is 3mm and the teeth about 1/3rd the length of a grain of rice. Challenging a jeweller's eye? O-KKKKK!!!
:D Ha!!

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too hard to get out, funny girl LOL

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It's is the first time ....

xem xong moi cuoi 1 :
xem xong moi cuoi 2:
xem xong moi cuoi 3:
xem xong moi cuoi 4:
xem xong moi cuoi 5:

Xem thêm tại (Click for more ) 

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Cant shut my mouth off, LOL

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