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Channels that let you stream live TV? Beside ustvnow?

Is there anyway to watch The Walking Dead as it airs on Roku? 

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I'm excited that YOUTUBE was added, but it's slow. Who else agrees?

We better get screen mirroring soon or I am selling my roku and buying another chromecast and I will never ever buy a roku product again. 

Anyone else having issue accessing the store, on Roku. For about the last 18hrs., or so!
First It said, I needed to start account, (I've been set up, over a year.)
So, thinking it was just buggy. I And since...
I've gotten a message saying, "The Roku Channel Store service is currently unavailable. Please try again later".
I only ask, because no one else has. And I want to be certain. It's not just my unit with issues.

The +Hulu Plus app has been updated for Roku, and it's FINALLY up to snuff. Much faster, my queue is organized in alphabetical order, and the entire interface is better.

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Another update. Hope it fixes the video streaming issue. 
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