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I have decided to begin this to help those of you who always say they want to travel, have some adventure , see the world, yet never do. Either because you have no funds, work too much, have children, lack of motivation. The fact is that if there is a will there is a way!! So here goes a single mother of two toddlers ; a one year old and Two year old. I refuse to die and not have seen this world. Last year 2015 I went through a bad break up while still pregnant. Working over 40 hrs a week, going to court, getting full custody, therapy, doctors appointments, giving birth and have my gallbladder removed. After all that, it was still a great year. I rekindled my relationship with my family and my best friends; whom I lost due to my past. Blessings come in all different shapes and forms, are things really falling apart ? Or maybe just falling into place. I decided no more New Year's resolutions of how I'm going to lose weight, stop eating sugar, give something up , blah blah blah!!! NO WAY!! Now on I will give myself more goals to. This year I want to Live More, Laugh more, have adventures, Travel, Learn. So here it goes.......... I hope you enjoy this mini blog.
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