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Name Arie Loveheart
Age 15
Rank Changerbolt
Looks has purple hair with a yellow line in it.has orange fur.

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I made a new species!

Zetto is © Alyssa J Plato (Rainy Bañìnjâ Lørd on Google Plus) 2/17/2015

Zetto species rules:

1. Must resemble a Zetto (duh)
2. Eyes must glow
3. Must have at least on fluorescent feature on the body
4. Must eat magical glow carrots
5. Must have magic unless there is a legitimate reason, like other powerful magical beings taking it away, or being allergic to magical glow carrots
6. Has to have a certain limit in power, if there is a large amount of magical power you must put other boundaries on them, ie. physical/mental/emotional/certain magical ability lacking such as flight
7. Horns/antlers are optional
8. Pointed teeth, fangs, protruding teeth, claws are occasionally allowed, but don't overdue it
9. Tails can be short and fluffy, long, skinny with a bush of fur at the end, or long and fluffy
10. Whisker things? Like on Chinese dragons? Go ahead if you like but don't go all crazy with them
11. Permission must be asked from me to make one until I say otherwise
12. Do not go nuts with the features!
13. Coat patterns can be anything as long as it keeps with the mix of dark and light colors, like light on dark, dark on light, light with other colors and detailed dark, dark with other colors that glow or are detailed with light, stuff like that
14. Wings are recommended, but not required; most Zettos have wings
15. Cutie marks are allowed
16. Adoptables must be in keeping with the rules and preferably approved by me or an authorized friend of mine
17. Have fun and be unique!
18. Hooves can be fuzzy, cloved, bare, or any combination of these
19. No unicorn horns
20. Name it something plz! Just-just give it a name for crying out loud!! XD

(This is the only picture I have currently, of my Zetto, the first one, Two Moons)

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Name: Dashingstar.
Rank: Changerbolt. (
Age: 17, Teenager.
Look: Her body is light grey. Her hair is purple those streaks and diamond things in her hair are dark blue. Her eyes are velvet, and her cutie mark is a yellow shooting star.
Cutiemark: A yellow shooting star.
Other: She is blind.

Yes, that is my fail art XP
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