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Thanks for checking out iCollab here on G+. Earlier this year we published an paper in Research in Learning Technology (link below) about the iCollab project. Although the wave of iCollab activity has ended (the CoP & hashtag were active from 2010-2015), each of us is carrying these practices forward in other ways, with other networks and hashtags. The essence is the same: global networks of learning communities in which learners & teachers can share, learn, and create knowledge together.

Please feel free to connect with myself or any other iCollab participants here or on Twitter: +Thom Cochrane +Bernie Goldbach +Helen Keegan +Ilona Buchem +Mar Camacho +Averill Gordon & +Sarah Howard.

Thank you!

Hi +Robin Migliaccio Ashford! I've just added you to the #icollab community, after seeing your request. We're planning events for 2014-15... can you let us know what you are up to? Would you like to connect with the learning communities already in #icollab... or are you thinking of setting up something similar, perhaps?

Would be happy to chat sometime... e.g. G+ hangout. Probably long overdue ;)

Quick summary of our #icollab  Hangout:
* Planning to aim for #icollab  research outputs for ALTC15
* Gather student feedback on next projects via a shared SurveyMonkey survey
* Plan for meet up at Ascilite 2016 Conference "down under"!
* Catherine, Thom & Averill working on #icollab  paper for special issue of RLT due Friday
* Next planning Hangout 10th or 11th November

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Hi all -- what a great week for #icollab , collaboration and networking last week at the #altc conference at the University of Warwick. It was a joy to meet +Thom Cochrane -- at last! It's always wonderful to meet people IRL whom you've worked with and connected with online, but after all those early/late hangouts, meeting Thom was like meeting family :)

Thom gave  an engaging presentation of the joint paper on BYOD / #moco360 ( and I cited our work in #icollab in my keynote ( There was lots of buzz about this work, so hopefully some new connections as well :)

Over the coming weeks, Thom and I are going to work on finishing our paper for the ILTA journal (Irish), based on our presentation for #EdTech14 ( and then we thought we'd try to schedule a group #icollab + hangout soon, to talk about planning something for ALT-C 2015... in Manchester!

Anyway, many thanks for all your tweets and good wishes last week, it was lovely to feel the strength of our community, both in Coventry and virtually. Talk soon :)

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Hi all -- many thanks for your feedback. Here is the final version of the presentation authored by Thom and myself, representing the work of all students and lecturers in iCollab. The session will take place at the EdTech14 conference in Dublin tomorrow, May 30th, at 13:55 GMT. Check out the hashtag #edtech14 and please join in!

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Title slide for draft of Nurturing Global Collaboration presentation for EdTech conference in Dublin next Friday. +Thom Cochrane & I have worked on ideas for this paper and presentation. Will post on Monday for review and input by all.

Delighted to use this great photo by +Helen Keegan from #OEB12 #icollabOEB workshop with +Mar Camacho & +Ilona Buchem :)

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Hi all... long time no see! I am heading down to Tipperary today to the annual ICT in Education conference and will see both Bernie (who works at LIT) and Helen (who is keynoting at the conference) -- a mini #icollab reunion :)

In 3 weeks, I'll be sharing some of what we have been doing with iCollab at the EdTech 2014 conference in Dublin Thom and I put together the attached abstract - Nurturing Global Collaboration - but would love your ideas, suggestions, and especially any evidence or reflections from students who have engaged with #icollab over the past year.

Thom, perhaps you would share the link to the series of images you put together? I am putting ideas together for the presentation and will share a draft for your feedback when that is done. In the meantime, please add any ideas or suggestions right into the Google doc here. Many thanks, all.

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A collection of student Vine videos using the #icollab  hashtag

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Student Presentations (AUT & Galway) streamed and archived on Bambuser with #icollab  tag
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