everyone that's a part of this community i need help. I need this movie to get noticed by the general public, the media, and the fans of slender man. Please share the Facebook page, the website, and this page all over to  get it noticed. i need help

Hello everyone. I am doing a casting call for our film. We are looking for 2 kids to play the role of Nicola's kids, and a girl to play Ben's wife. for the kids there needs to be a boy and a girl, the boy around 9 or 10, and the girl around 7 or 8, and the wife can be a teenager around the age of 18. These roles aren't really bad. the kids get taken by the Stalker, and so does the wife, but the kids will mainly appear in the beginning of the film, and then parts way through the film, but as family photos, and so will the wife. please send me a message if anyone is interested, or know anyone that would be interested.
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