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Okay!!! I created that community because i really want to see Big Hit new group!!
All the information are not 100% sure!!! It's mainly based on rumors only!!!!
there are a lot of rumors like the debut of another boy group "twister" and the preparation of a new girl group too called "the 'mysterious' bella" (The M.B) to debut in 2016/17

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bighit entertainment said no group is debuting 2016 T_T

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bighit trainees dancing to bts    i need u~

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6Aces is the pre-debut group under Big Hit Entertainment that is supposedly to debut in 2015

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[!] Big Hit Entertainment's pre-debut six member boy group 6 Aces names:

Lee Chang-Sun (leader)
Marcel Park
Im Jin Young
B-Wolf (rapper; former member of CoEd- Noori and former member of Speed; Kang Inho)
Thomas Bang
Lee Sang-hun (maknae)

Also two members are former JYP trainees just like J-Hope from BTS. Said to be a Hip Hop group. Debut day will be after GLAM's comeback.

Kang Inho (B-Wolf) profile has also been released on Big Hit Entertainment site. Picture below⤵
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