Post has attachment and many others hindu idol worshipers haven't tell me yet why they are still idol worshipers when no human shape can be God, yet many extremist hindus wants dividing the world , ok what you want ? Do you want to glorify human shaped figures as God or indirectly wants to tell that only hinduism is best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, Even according to the hindus scriptures all non hindus are demons , that means according to your scriptures worshiping Ram and krishna in human shape is best 😲😲😲😲

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For over a year the media's been ridiculing the notion that the Obama Administration had 'bugged' Trump Tower. Now we know they went far beyond that! Watch and I'll tell you about the recent articles by the New York Times and the Washington Post where they verify that there was indeed spying on the Trump Campaign!

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May 18th,2018

To the Handicapped of the US,the ADA rules >>> have changed! And they may end up hurting the handicap people.

I am a 71 year old mail I live in Kennewick ( State of Washington ) that uses Dial-A-Ride.

I have some collapsed disk in my back with pain and can not even stand up from my electric wheel chair at all because of arthritis in my crippled knees,I can not walk at all and have to use a lift that raises me up to the level of my bed,then I can slide over in to my bed at night.

Dial -A -Ride here in Kennewick Washington is trying to put some handicapped people off Dial-A-Ride after a short use of 3 months or what ever, I guess , and then put them on the regular bus system )

( they say it is because of new ADA rules,if handicap person can not understand directions,they ride DAR,if other handicap people understand directions,they get put on regular bus,this is discrimination!! ) , I am such that I can not transfer to a car from regular wheelchair,even to get into a regular wheelchair,I would end up on the ground,it happened a long time ago. So,I have to have DAR. Your handicapped or your not! There is no inbetween...

And sooooo, ...... what is that bouncing around bus going to do to my back ( again I have some bad compressed disk in my back ) ... it will make it worse,for me using a Transet bus,this bus seems to be harder on my back,but Dial-A-Ride seems to be a softer to ride for me for some reason. Yes,if my back is over done,I can spend up to 3 days or more days in bed. And it is also harder for me now sense I am 71 to take the heat and cold.

Yes, there are new rules being dictated by the ADA US Gov mostly, who funds Dial A Ride. Could you think of only being given 3 months of Dial A Ride service … and then cut off, an old person, then having to fight the weather conditions waiting for a regular bus is cruel. Oh I mite add electric Wheelchairs on ice and snow really do not work,so,how are we to get to a bus stop any way.

There is an old guy that lives where I do and he can only stand for 5 minutes, he is on oxygen ,hard to breath and uses an electric wheel chair and there is some thing wrong with his heart and back ….. he, is only getting 3 months Dial A Ride service in summer,that is cruel also. And,in the heat that’s,starting here, what is that heat … going to do to some other ones that have been cut off or will be, they will be waiting for a bus. People should be very angry and say .. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

And what about the possibility of being robbed at a bus stop,a handicapped person can not really fight back that much , but hell,the US Gov does not care about us,say they do but they don’t, and, I have seen handicap people harassed at a bus stop and it’s scary because we have gangs operating around this area,and the handicap are setting ducks to be robbed. And it ... scares me. Yes,there have been recent robberies in the Kennewick Pasco area ,Washington State. Sad but I have developed a phobia of being robbed. Just the other day in Kennewick,3 men walked into a mans garage with him there and robbed him at gunpoint,in broad day light,plus there have been other robberies around.

Yes,loosing Dial A Ride is going to hurt a lot of Handicapped people…….again,when oh when are the American people going to stand up and fight the ADA and Congress and tell them your hurting people!!!

And, how about the money given to Iran and other countries when that very same money could have been used to help Handicapped people here at home ... and how about the other waste in US Government? I think if the real truth be known I think the US Gov and ADA and Congress and possible other wish we would all die off so they would not have to fund us. Please! Wherever you are,would you fight for us?

EM >

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Air Force Wants Hypersonic Weapons and even more deadly F-35s!

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The Sun is never happier than when zooming in between woman's legs.

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When God came to lift the curse but you do all you can to curse God and all he sent to save you and take what is God given to others as your own their is no blessings for all this sucubus had done.

My daughter and sons are also worthy of giving life, as God blessed them, as are all my kin but for this Satan bound anti Christ I am without my grand children so her likes can parade in my name God aligned for his own purpose.

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