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Would love to hear input on whether agents are hiring a real estate photographer or taking their own photos. 
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take your own photographs?
hire a real estate photographer?

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Success story: Enabling Business Transformation in Property Lifecycle Management

"A property management company partnered with a trusted IT solutions provider Fingent to develop a unified platform that tightly integrates all functions within the property management life cycle - property acquisition, property management and property maintenance. View the customer success story here

Hi. My name is Jai. Specialize in Photoshop, photo editing & graphic Designer more than 3 years. You can hire me for background clipping (remove old background), background change, color correction, crop, image resize, retouch, staging, virtual furniture,old photo restoration

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Anatomy of a Real Estate Shoot

I wrote this article for linked in primarily geared towards agents to either help them decide to hire a professional photographer or up their photography game themselves.

I break down how I shot one shot as well as discuss the importance of real estate photography.

Other resources from +Karen Highland and +Bill Gassett

please share if you find this article useful

#realestate #photography

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All multiple exposure + flash
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Really enjoyed shooting this home. This ties for the nicest house I've shot this year. It was also the hardest shoot, or perhaps most frustrating, of the year as well.

There were no, zero, zip, nada, window dressings in the entire house.

A small lot, with neighbors only feet away, the lack of window dressings meant there was no hiding what was outside. And, with bright blue-white light from outside, it also mean balancing brightness a bit, as well as color temp, was as difficult as it gets.

The result, a few 'good' pics that couldn't be taken because of external factors.  And, some not-ideal angles of rooms, as I was trying to use trees outside, or parts of walls, to block unseemly things...again, outside.
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Open concept living room
HDR real estate photography
+2, 0-2 @iso 100. F8
nikon d300s

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Kitchen, HDR
9 images used 5 exposures @ iso 100

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Master bed room HDR
5 images used 3 exposures @ iso 100 

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Tips for better real estate photography
Learn how to create listing photos that actually sell! This is what you need to do! #HouseTour 
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