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Happy New Year! Please meet my first post - my resolutions!

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Hey guys, I'm here to post an update!

As you guys know I am the one who created the page to let you "BE YOURSELF" and you guys do a great job at that. My life has been hectic the last year or two, AND I HAVE A HUGE UPDATE!!! Since you guys have been so good and keep this page as what its been meant to be, I'm going to let you guys know something... I'M GETTING MARRIED SOON!!! Lol I've been strong these last few months and I've been doing better! I'm going to be less active for a little while. You're all beautiful in your own way and i want you guys to know, we are here together. Continue your support to each other and I want all of you to stay strong. By the way I'm going to need help with this page so if you want to be a moderator jus comment below. I already have a couple people that i think deserve it. :)

hi all, i'm new here

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Fancied a little bit of a semi-permenant change.

Hi people! Why did noone post anything for F*cking 5 weeks?! And yeah I'm bored please talk to me if you want... it doesn't matter what topic

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Lol that's me now I'm bored😐 I am a transguy, didn't come out yet. Hope u accept me

i am new  :) 
my name is Angel 
please add me and become my friend
just be yourself
don't pretend to be someone else when were friends 
i will never judge and always accept you for you :) 
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