Hello! Welcome to the community!

 Here is some information about the community!
 > Name: Kitty the love cat /: real name: Mirian / Dayanara
> Surnames: Galarza / Romero
 > Age: 12
 > Sex: Female
 > Zodiac sign: cancer
 > Crush: +nora allkh(Senpai owo)
 > Sexuality: Bisexual / straight
 > Birthday: April 21
 > Country: Ecuador
> City: Guayaquil
 > Language: Czech

 > Personality: sometimes very rude, shy person, not really so unpleasant. Everyone with me gets angry easily

 > Likes: drawing, sleeping, being alone, friends, rabbits, cats, chocolate foods, soft things, laying in bed, being on the phone all day, singing, horror movies, being alone

 > Dislikes: times animation, small spaces, dogs, vegetables, art thieves, fake friends, IRL blood (I start to feel a disagreeable pain when I see blood, people randomly call me their best friend

 My favorite things:
 > Favorite drink: milk chocolate, cola, Sprite, Fanta
 > Favorite food: chocolate cake, pancakes, spaghetti
 > Favorite animal: vacation, cat
 > Favorite color: black, pink, purple and aquamarine
 > I Am Fandoms in: articulated and ink machine, five nights in Freddy,> Eddsworld, My Little Pony, creepypasta, tattletail among others ...
 > Favorite book: YAOI
 > Favorite TV Series: SpongeBob SquarePants, Atomic Puppet, My Little Pony, star vs evil forces
 > Favorite languages: French, Russian, Japanese, Italian

 You can find me in:
 > YouTube: kitty the love cat ღ (active every day)
> DeviantArt: fronnie (active every day)
 > Facebook: Miriamxita galarza (active every day)
 > Twitter: @swaagy_kitty (not active)
 > Tumblr: (not active muho)
 > Wattpad: kristelkittyswaagy (not much active time)
>roblox: kriste swaagy tord

 My best friends:
+Amairany Atomic puppet
+nora allkh
+Lilian Marisol Castillo AtomicPuppet
+Any the crazy wolfi bunny XD(is me)
+AerRequests :3
+SpringPai the Bunny
+catty the cat (cat thag)
 My state of the art:
 > kitty (my main oc)
 > Nicolas boyfriend of kitty)
> Golndenpai and +Any the crazy wolfi bunny XD sister
 >Hauroku chan (my oc)
 Fanarts I love:
  > kitty x nocolas (nitty ~ official ship)
 > kitty x +nora allkh(notty allkh official ship ~

 Thanks for reading my post nailed!
 Look around! Like something, leave comments on some things, do not be shy!

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thank you senpai i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much
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