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We are an often misunderstood and misinterpreted breed. We love, we hate, we cry, and we laugh just as much as anyone.

Many may not understand our humor. Many do not understand why we play. We play for entertainment. We play to save our minds from the atrocity that our world has become.

We play to see a world where the good people win and the evil ones suffer and pay. We play to save our sanity.

Until you become one of us, you will NEVER understand us.

Don't judge us until you've run a mile holding our weapons of choice. Our controllers and mice.

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Uhh.. What happened guys? Im just one dude. Why'd you all fall out like that?

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Invite people who likes gaming. Lets grow

I read through our categories for discussions. I would venture to say we need to have a "Horror" genre as well. It's not something you hear a lot about but it is something a lot of people enjoy. Myself included.
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