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Mixing Basics:
Tip 3. Learning to baby scratch. Best way to learn how to scratch is with a turntable. If you are using a controller make sure that the dj software buffer is set to the highest setting that your computer can handle. Also use the crossfader for scratching. Most modern controllers and mixers have a fader curve setting adjust this knob so the the amount of time the song begins is 1/4 the way of distance to the next channel. Once you advance in your scratching you can limit this setting or increase to your liking. There are some good websites for learning to scratch one of my favorites is Dj Short E. Here is the link:

Mixing Basics:
Tip 1. Prep your songs prior to mixing. I always set my cue points in my digital dj software (Serato) for the beginning of the intro and a second one at the start of the vocals. I never need to guess when the vocals start, and I am able to do manual loops if the intro is too short to transition into the mix.

Mixing Basics:
Tip 2. Learning to beat match on controllers. If you are new to mixing and you are using a controller turn off auto sync and load 2 exact songs and using the pitch control match the beat tempo using the beat grid in the dj software. Try to get to the point where you are not looking at the beatgrid and using your ear for matching beats. Note: You can also create your own Flange effect playing 2 songs at the same time doing this too.

Bio - I started mixing music using a 2 tape boom box, and my parents turntable at 12 years old. I bought my first Gemini turntables at 15 years old with a Numark mixer. My first record purchased was Run DMC's first album in 1984. My favorite Djs growing up where Michael Erickson, Camron Paul, and Jazzy Jim. My music taste has always been Top40. Since I grew up in the 80's and 90's I am familiar and true to Old school, and Hip Hop. I currently play Top40, EDM, Hip Hop, Old School, and Pop. I try to play open to all formats, my current Dj sets include a mixture of all genres.
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