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Name: Jovnik Krodsfir
Age: 32
Height: 6'0
Class: Military Overlord, Commander, Despot.
Home Province: Krig Provins
Outfit/Armor: wears the furs of a bear and a wolf, his bracers made with feathers of eagles, and his crown made from the bones of his fallen enemies. he wears chain clad armor, mixed with leather and steel plates.
Weapon(s): carries a steel sword, a curved Steel knife, and two steel axes.
Bio: Jovnik is a mysterious man, one that seemed to have appeared from legends. tales of a fierce warrior from the other side of the Kall Dod Sea spread across the land of Bjorika, and just as soon as they did, Jovnik and his army emerged from the shadows in the Krig Provins. his army destroyed most of the province, before waging war on the capital city, Saker Hamn. his army stood outside the wall, ready to breach, but soon fell back into the cold woods that surrounded the city. some say Jovnik knew he could not breach the wall, others say the King of the province bargained with him, but all agree that Jovnik has no intentions on returning to the great capital. he and his army drift along the plains of Krig, raiding unfortunate towns, slaughtering families, and building their forces.

Most Noticeable: his bright blue eyes stand out, as it is uncommon for people of Bjorika to have such colored eyes. this goes along with a well known rumor that Jovnik is not from Bjorika, but a fierce warrior from a far away land.

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there came a loud thundering within the skies above Bjorika. one that caused a bright light and shook the ground. Jovnik stopped, planting his boot into the moist grass. he raised his hand into the air, balled into a fist. almost immediately, his Lieutenants began shouting "HALT" from the front of the massive army, all the way to the back. his army stood with over 800 men, all well trained and blood thirsty. this was but the tip of the ice burg, as he held more at his base set up around the shore of Krig. (ALL THREE PROVINCES HAVE SHORES, FYI). over 5,000 to be in fact. every now and then, when supplies began to run short, Jovnik would lead his men into the mainland and pillage whatever he saw fit. he would then return and add to the army's supply. it was on this day, however, that the weather was not holding too fairly. as the soldiers stopped, at the command of their king, Jovnik began to remove his crown. Rainva seems to be angered, this morn A Lieutenant responded immediately, to keep his King pleased "Yes my lord, hence the shouting from the skies. may we set up camp?" Jovnik nodded, waving the man away have my tent prepared, and see to it that the men are fed. we continue after the storm. and with this, the Lieutenant hurried away to spread the word of their king. Jovnik pulled his trusty blade from its sheathe and stabbed it into the ground, pressing the palm of his right hand against the hilt of the weapon.

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Name: Louvel "The Tower" Vonkier
Age: 36
Hight: 5'3
Class: Captain, Warlord, Village Chief (of a neighboring country)
Home Province: Bergliot
Armor/clothing: Typically prefers leather armor with light mail underneath. A red cape, a leather and iron helm, and thick leather boots
Weapons: A battle ax is his weapon of choice. With it he weilds a wooden shield, leather gloves, and at his side, a steel dagger. In a large raid, he'll carry a huge quiver full of throwing spears.
Louvel has many nick names where he raids and spawns evil and death; The Tower of Bergliot, the Blood Coat, The Wolf (which is what his name actually means), the Hound, and he is known as the Lollygager to those smart enough not to call him that within earshot.
Like many raiders of the sea, he is built tough. A man from Britain no less. Born and raised in York but who's father was in such dept that he fled the country with his family. Louvel was raised in a poor village where sea raiders came often to do trade and grocery. Eventually his father dies in a drunken bar fight, his mother dies of taking the wrong man's money, and was eventually sold into slavery.

17 years later, After leading a successful riot, Louvel escapes his slavers with a handful of men and women.

With nothing in his name, a stolen boat, five spears, three swords, and 12 men and women all eager for blood, Louvel had himself the start of his own band of thieves. Within time his band grew, and with it his profit, until eventually he was feared as a ferocious pirate who's cape smelled of blood.

It wasn't long until louvel hears tales of a strange land led by a mysterious king. Within a nights rest and a belly full of mead, Louvel makes haste with the new landmark to conquer, and new precious things to plunder.

((for the first time ever, i draw my own character's profile picture for a community. Hope you like it))
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