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Free code (accept donations)

Please, keep in mind that Donations are an "thank you" for what I/we achieved not an payment for what 
I/we gonna do in the future.
if you're unsure, ask a feature first and vote on it, sheer for it to become voted¹ and then donate 
(instead of donate first expecting things to go fast)

[Currently avaliable]
-English to portuguese (Brazilian)

--Stylish (Firefox/Chrome)
--Personas (Firefox/Libre office)
--VLC Custom (Web Interface)

speach recognition:
-LiSpeak/Palaver  shellscripts

Custom Page building (verify if there is nothing that looks like what you want)
Custom apps (and features for the same)
-For android
-In the future: iOS,WindowsPhone, FirefoxOS Ubuntu (Phone and desktop)

Sugest an feature and vote on the current sugestions

*Indirect donators
Promoters (only in a few limited events)
Most voted features
Easy to do features


-Others (a bit of)

*Indirect donators
If you donnated once in the past your feature will be prioritized
some members (for now, me) may also prioritize your features if you donate/donated for other
open source softwares, specialy softwares that allow developers to do their work faster but others
softwares too. 
if you did an donation let me know along with an prove (example: send me an e-mail from the same
e-mail adress showed on contributions page of the project with an link to the proof)

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this is the definition of what i'm trying to create here!
its an web comic avaliable for free!

funded by donations of the fans, translated with the help of fans, that is the kind of content i'm trying to promote with this group!

if you know more projects like that, that need funding, publish then here!

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Post here if

You want an app to do something currently impossible with the apps on the market.

You are an App Developer 
(Speficfy if you do only apps or widgets, livewallpaers too)
An portfolio  if avaliable

Ask here for an custom theme for webpages (through Stylish or if you are owner of one)
or programas that suport customization such as:
Skins for VLC or Kodi (new name for XBMC)

WebInterface for VLC an others programs who suport this (you can use it to remote control on your phone/tablet, for example)

or skins for programs that suport Personas (Currently, Firefox and Libre Office)

Post here concepts of what you want (even hand draw scans), source images etc.
PLEASE keep in mind that theme designers may not know how to draw, and designers who DRAW may not know how to deal with CSS stylesheet) 

if you want an theme that require custom drawing (not avaliable on the internet and you dont know how to draw) you will need to post both here and in the designers category

Read the above, text and what people are asking for.

Post here programs Recomendations or projects/programers/artists you sugest some one donate to



Users Ask Here:

Translations request from (idiom) to (idiome)
From English to portuguese, From Japanese to english)

Post here what idioms you are able to translate from and for.
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