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Name: Cinder Yvellia Xavier
Age: 10
Gender: female
History: A girl who comes from a well-off family with her best friend being the help's son. She always gets into fights when it comes to things she likes but if it's boring, she could care less! Her friend's family had gone for a picnic. And she had snuck along, but she didn't get to go on the picnic. Because she fell and fell and fell... She was still falling actually.
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Name: Ashley Everett
Age: 21
Species: Human
Weapons: Hatchet, and 2 daggers
Likes: Machines, Gears  and Pipes
Dislikes: Malfunctions, Being bored, and Not Being Able to Fix a Machine
Personality: Is very witty, when your her friend she protects you, but when your her enemy she glares at you
Bio: At a very young age, my father taught me how to fix cars, later in life, around my teenage years I found my parents dead bodies on the living room floor, my father had a heart attack, and my mother died of polio, I left England and moved her in America, as I was taking a walk, I saw a white rabbit jump into a hole, my curiosity got the best of me, and I jumped in
Nickname: Ashley Gears

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Name: He is called Chaos due to the fact that his collar/bracelet says Chaos on it
Age: Unknown but looks 19
Gender: Male
Powers/weapons: Bends reality, can transform into a snow white cat which allows him to sneak by any hostile, swords, guns, etc., and can jump really high
Species: Black Neko and is the embodiment of Chaos
Appearance: Look at picture
Bio: He hates the Red Queen but likes the Black Queen and he is also very skilled in battle and only attacks Red Queen's helpers and guards and helps others as commanded by the Black Queen. He has also grown emotionless unless he needs to pretend to be something else which is also something else he's good at.

you hear yelling and blades and so you carefully walk to the sources and you see me fighting some of the Red Queen's soldiers and then I yell...... Jaakuna tamashī nanji ōse rareta! ......and then the guards catch on fire and then they decintegrate

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Alice wouldn't be able to tell you where she was or how she had gotten there.  Everything was too confusing, even for her.  Her golden blonde hair fanned around her as she lay on the ground staring up at the bright blue sky, it was a blue that almost rivaled her own sapphire colored eyes.  She could feel the sun's warmth upon her pale cheeks along with a soothing breeze that caused the skirt of her dress and apron flutter slightly.  She didn't know where she was though at the moment she didn't mind.  Everything around her was beautiful in its own way.  The creatures had seemed to blow her mind.  She loved it all.  It seemed as though nothing would go wrong here.  It was much better than the home she had known, though she would never wish to leave it behind.  She sighs as her eyes close.  Perhaps this was all a dream, a crazy, beautiful, and frightening dream.  Perhaps she'll wake up and find everything was as it should be. Perhaps...just perhaps.

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Name: Desdemona Diamond
Gender: Female
Role: Queen of Diamonds
Home: The Land of Diamonds
Age: 13
Appearance: See photograph
Personality: Seemingly cold and reserved, but has many soft spots, including gems, animals, art, and star-spattered skies.
Bio: I am a young queen, who was raised as the monarch of Diamonds since age five. I don't have any hopes but to rule my kingdom well. I think myself that I live a very good life but it's not actually true.

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(( I don't know if Alice in the Country of Hearts RP if allowed... (  ._.)''' ))
Name: Peter White
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Rank: Prime Minister/White Rabbit of Heart Castle
Weapon(s): His pocket watch turns into a hand gun and a sword. Peter usually uses the gun.
Human Form: Short white hair; red eyes; round glasses; white rabbit ears; usually a red and black checker board uniform.
Rabbit Form: White fur; red eyes; round glasses; same clothes as his human form before he transformed.
Personality: Polite most of the time unless in a bad mood. Peter can get rather possessive over things/people. For example, Alice. He hates everything about the people from the other territories. He can't deal with those people mostly at any time. He follows his queen's orders, although, he sometimes skips on work because he goes to see Alice. He loves Alice to death. He doesn't really treat anybody else with the kindness he gives Alice (( Not even close. )).
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