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Everyone share this community please. If not for me and other member do it for chibi 

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When your listening to music and you forget your headphones are at full volume and the music is ear rape XD

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You were my step sister we didn't really got along that well but at least we respect each other but what I don't know is that you actually have a crush on me and you kept it a secret from me one we were home alone because our parents where out for there anniversary for a week I was in my listing to my music and then you came in my room and then
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Name: Marron Dawnson
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male (cuntboy)
Kinks: incest
Species: Ram
Bio: Marron grew up in the plains of Austalia by himself. He never met new people or left to see any towns or villages. He's mostly into males but shy around females. So please be kind to me...
My kik is polarmaniac

anyone wanna rp?

Name: lana hiroshino
gender: female
age: 15
sexuality: straight
likes: l the color blue sleeping being lazy. also likes to eat a whole lot of shrimp chips likes to be kind to others.
dislikes: hates getting wet, being active
weapons: I fight with my adorableness

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Name: Platinum T. Shine
Species: goat
Likes:eating sea salt popsicles,see other worlds ,being happy ,meeting people,winter, snow
Dislikes:the darkness he too afraid,his mom,summer,heat
Weapons:two revolvers,a katana,and a keyblade
Bio:when I was a kid all my parents told me is to give up to drop dead but I never did I ran away from how bumping into a old man who told me a place where light will protect me I went their as I fainted waking up in on a stained glass seeing that I have a strange blade I wake again in a different world I wonder around as I meet a old lady named toriel dremmurr she took me in telling me story's I grew up to be 17 and I moved out from the old women's home now I wonder world to world killing heartless and saving their worlds trying to find my way to my home world 

Kik: platinum5566
Hangouts:platinun T. shine

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Name: Riley
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Top or bottom: bottom
Personality: quite but playful
Sexuality: Bi sexual
Cock length: 4 inches
Likes: strong males, cocks, sex toys, gaming, females (kinda), having a leash around his neck and pizza
Dislikes: being beaten by doms, vomit and getting up early.
Kinks: he dose have a kink for piss and scat but not too extreme. He also likes females but preferes other femboys and males.


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