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Everyone share this community please. If not for me and other member do it for chibi

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(Please 18+ and above)

Hi there :)

I’m looking for someone dominant that likes to roleplaying and shares or are open to these kinks of mine to roleplay with me. Anyone that meets this is welcome as long as you are nice, sweet to me, being descriptive and opened for these kinks of mine and aren’t a troll or make me feel less of myself.

My fetishes and kinks are :

-You Pretending to be or roleplaying as tall dominant futanari/herm (and pretending to be much taller than me as well as us comparing dicks).

-Macrophilia where she/he can become a giant (including partner growth).

-You being obsessed with male butt (though I don’t share pics).

-Being so romantic and protective of me.

If any one is interested please let me know :)

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Hi everyone! This is a new character I made
«Name» Chase Evergreen
«Age» 21
«Sexuality» Bisexual but anyone really
«Status» Single but ready
«Species» Wolf Demon
«Attitude» Sweet,Kind,caring, but also Evil if he needs to be
«Powers» Implosion, Burning flame, Fire wolf and dragon, and Fire cover
«Birthday» July 9th
«Job» Bartender
«Bio» Chase was a regular wolf living Mason. He had just turned 21 and honor his dream job. He was walking home one night as usual but that night a demon by the name Ashtukset came to talk with him. At first Chase thought he was dreaming then the demon touched his heart setting it ablaze. He just made a contract with a demon but he didn't know it yet. Two days later he did when he was cooking and she he touched the hot pan he didn't feel the burn. After that he tried unsung the same demon but couldn't. He is now in a quest to find the demon.

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Add me on kik to do a role play


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Name: Platinum T. Shine
Species: goat
Likes:eating sea salt popsicles,see other worlds ,being happy ,meeting people,winter, snow
Dislikes:the darkness he too afraid,his mom,summer,heat
Weapons:two revolvers,a katana,and a keyblade
Bio:when I was a kid all my parents told me is to give up to drop dead but I never did I ran away from how bumping into a old man who told me a place where light will protect me I went their as I fainted waking up in on a stained glass seeing that I have a strange blade I wake again in a different world I wonder around as I meet a old lady named toriel dremmurr she took me in telling me story's I grew up to be 17 and I moved out from the old women's home now I wonder world to world killing heartless and saving their worlds trying to find my way to my home world 

Kik: platinum5566
Hangouts:platinun T. shine

hey I'll make a profile later

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Name: Charlie

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Personality: headstrong, mean, flirty, rough

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Criminal

Likes: Beer, Stealing, Fighting, Killing, Girls that play hard to get

Dislikes: nice girls, poor quality beer

Bio: Classified; learn more when you rp

Spouse: None (Open)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None (Open)

Height: 7'2

Weight: 182 lbs.

Fur color: Dark Gray

Paw pad color: Black

Claw color: Black

Eye color: Silver

Nose color: Black

Hair color: Gray

Artist: Unknown


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Name: Seth
Nickname: tank
Age: 18
Sexuality: bisexual
Job: store clerk
Gender: male
Species: wolf
Powers: demonic powers
Strengths: brute force
Weaponry: my fist, two combat knives, brass knuckles, and any blunt weapon I can get my hands on
Likes: anything and respecting females
Dislikes: bullying and people who treat other people like dirt
Personality: fun to be around and demonic when I have to be or when I feel threatened
Bio: I was raised by my mom since I was raised by my mom I was taught to respect females no matter what 
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