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Remember to make sure all pages on your website have a unique, relevant meta title and description. This helps with SEO and click through rates in Google search results!

Is anyone going to Mozcon this year? I just bought my airplane ticket and booked a room. Bringing a team member with me this year.

Really great idea, +Doug Holt! Are we allowed to invite others who went to MozCon 2013?

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Hey guys! +Erin Yates quit her job, started with us, and flew to #MozCon  all in one day. We're so proud of this gorgeous and informative post she put together about her experience. Enjoy, and please help us in welcoming her to the community - she (hopefully) made a great choice! ;)

So how was everyone's MozCon? Did all the out-of-towners find Seattle to be an enjoyable vacation destination? 

I myself had a blast even though Seattle is my backyard. MozCon is such a perfect blend of people and information that I wish it were longer. There is just so much to absorb and so many people to meet that 3 days can barely suffice! It flew by... Still pouring back over my notes trying to sort everything out!

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A great post from Zeph on things to consider for MozCon 2013 (from his experience in 2012). Looks like I'll have to bring my own bacon after-all...  

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Great interview with Avinash & Annie (Speakers at MozCon) 

Thanks for starting this community Doug! I'd like to get to know some other people in SEO (other than the ones I know about from reading about SEO!). Hope to meet you in Seattle.

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A recent post was put on the MOZ community with some great tips from @Sha. Check it out!

Hey all! Looking forward to next week's MozCon. My intro: I work in marketing for a SaaS company native to the Greater Seattle area. Good news for me because that means I'm within driving distance of MozCon! Anyway this will be my first time in attendance and I can't wait to share/learn/grow. I just so happen to be randomly acquainted with Joanna Lord (formerly of Moz) who will be speaking at the conference. (She is one of my Sister-in-law's best friends...random indeed.) I look forward to seeing that as I have heard so much about the strength of the presentations this group can put together.

See you all there!
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