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Hello abandon community...
Art: from tumbler

Take a Breath and look at your Life, there is Light in your Heart. There are different voids but through Time and Space, there is still Hope. Your Blood runs through your body, Doom may enter your Life, but you still have all of Space and Time in your Life to cosplay Homestuck. If you don't believe me, ask people around you or ask the Homestuck communities. We have Hope that Hivebent will help our Heart breaks and live our Life. Your Mind does not end yet Rage fills you due to Homestuck ending. You are not alone...
-MX ((4/13/09 - 4/13/16))

Quick draw Dave and karkat on Halloween with Dave dressed as an apple and karkat dressed as a cat and make karkat angry because Dave thinks he's adorable
Then mention me

(( Yeah, once the current event with Homestuck ends, I'm gonna answer the question

Have you played Five nights at Freddys 4?

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+Trickster!Nepeta and Alice in Wonderland Fandom :3​ asked:
:33 < hey, homestuck! what do you think of alice?
AIW: nepeta, Im goIng to murder you If you Ask one more person thAt questIon
:33 < * ignoration * so?

Can you breath undet water?

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+Aradia Megido​ asked:
Have you ever meet the "Creepypasta Fandom or MlP fandom" 0u0


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+Lɨttʟɛ Mɨss Pastɛʟ​ asked:
Have you ever worn pastel goth? 

1 U53D 700

Be a ninja :D
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