Hey y'all
I'm doing my best to get this up and running but
How's it so far? Its pretty okay for the beginning in my opinion

I didn't do anything im just a loyal follower

fucking crap with the didney channel flow or some shit


1. NO. PORN. WHATSOEVER. I do not want any porn. If it's like, porn fanart, take it to a pp, discord dm, etc.

2. Keep posts in the correct categories. We want it neat here.
2a. We have two mains; Main(pg13), and main. No cursing in main please.

3. Please keep all religion, racist, and other such OUT of here. Conversations may turn, and that is fine, but please do not post such.

4. NO. HATE. ex. Hating a race, hating a group of people for their beliefs, hating a group of people for their sexuality, etc.

5. This is a biggie; We do not tolerate older people neglecting, ignoring, deceiving, or bullying youngsters. We are people too.
5a. No bullying whatsoever, at that. Please don't be mean.
5b. This will also be a biggie; YES, some people like porn. YES, some people have fetishes. YES, some people roleplay. It's no big deal. Don't overreact, it's the internet, man. Don't mess with people about it.
5c. Don't be afraid to show you like certain things, or fandoms; It doesn't change you, it shows you.

6. PLEASE, IF YOU POST ART, CREDIT IT. We do not tolerate stolen art.
6b. And make sure the artist is okay with you posting it.

7. ONLY MODS AND OWNERS May post in "Rules" and "Announcements".


dixie cups


1. You are not to dis someone due to you being a mod, or owner.

2. Do not promote someone unless you ask me first.
2b. Yes, even your friends.

3. Lay down the roof, make sure everyone follows the rules, and they apply to you as well(unless the rules say "mod and owner only" or something of such").

4. Don't be a bully. If I see this you will be demoted ASAP.
4a. Only owners, with permission, may demote someone. I must have evidence.

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