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For my first Weekly Mod Pick week ending 25 March, is this one by +laurie corzett! Brilliant use of language and deep thoughts. Brava!

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+Marco Casteleijn​'s The Day That Got Away gets my mod nod for the week ending 25 March.

This timely piece compellingly captures the feeling of the ceaseless cascade of thoughts demanding our attention, ultimately destroying any semblance of focus. I particularly like his use of ellipsis and the recycling of earlier thoughts.

Nicely done.

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The seed for the R&R 26 March through 8 April ... Derek Walcott's A Lesson for This Sunday.

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I guess "Tongue in Cheek" is appropriate


Heard on Fremont Street....

Look how that gets rid of those
lines around your eyes
You look twenty years younger
Now just add this other cream
...which is on sale this week
and you can have that look
every day..
How much is it?
How much would you pay
to look that young again?

Feel that
That tingle is the muscles relaxing
You can set it to any level you want
You can't get this in any store...yet
How much is it?
How much would you pay
to relieve that pain in your knee?

Keep an eye out for a woman
She escaped from an ambulance
Which way was she headed?
Not sure
What she look like?
Don't know
Well then....
She's naked

Look...I know you have been
talking about this
for a very long time
But I never really figured
you would do it
I'm doing it
And I don't care
if you do it too
But I'm doing it
Alright...I'm in
Let's get it done

And we did

not the marriage part...
we did that a long time ago
Something else....


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She was tired enough that the planes landing
Or taking off
Had no effect
Why they put hotels at the end of runways
I have no idea
But it seems common
People react to jet lag in different ways
I can't sleep
It's all she can do
And it occured to me she has been here too
In a room awake
While I slept
I could be thinking about where we have been
And have yet to go
But I'm not

It's kind of deep

We have become used to the concept of "Space-Time"
But there is no "Space"
It's just "Time"
That is what gets bent by the gravity of things
They approach
And begin to change
Those changes are in turn affected by the changes
Taking place
On both sides
Her and I were Galaxies headed towards each other
Perhaps by chance
Or maybe it was inevitable
But we have changed each other in a multitude of ways
Making two new things
That make one

*(philosophy) Existing together as equally fundamental

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Forcibly pulled from eternity’s
perfect view.
Wrenched out of limitless beauty.
Damned to dependent servitude.
Yet incipient brilliance, potent skills
offered no access route.
Disallowed, stamped down, suppressed.
Kept captive, starved,
brutalized, not for crime
nor failing,
nor even blackguard’s reward of cruelty.
Conjuring puissant spirit
ought not be lightly perpetrated.
Never taught essential honor
attests poor training
for mentor responsibility.
May my nascent plea
whisper shrilly, disturb your
inner ear?
Release my wings.
You have no use for
the person I would grow to be.
Set my future free. Let me fly home.

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It's been a while

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