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As of September 2017, Core Division Communication introduced a variety
of new products, including 100G QSFP28 MSA outline of the optical module,
QSFP28 SR, LR, PSM, CFP2, CFP4 SR, LR and SFP + package ,25G Ethernet SFP28-SR,
LR light Module. These optical modules are for 100G Ethernet applications in the
data center.

As the first generation of 100G optical module is a CFP optical module,
the volume is very large, the latest research and development and mass
production CFP2 and CFP4 optical module, which is the latest generation of CFP4
optical module 100G optical module, the width of only CFP optical module 1/4,
the package size and QSFP + optical module package size consistent.

In addition, the QSFP28 100G LRMSA package optical module supports a variety
of transmission distances

in the data center high port count 100G system. With a new generation of
low-power DFB laser technology, the module supports 3.5W of maximum power
consumption, allowing 1RU Ethernet switches or routers to achieve 4Tb / s rate.

During the 2017 ECOC Sweden exhibition, Sinovo Telecom demonstrated 100G
QSFP SR, LR, PSM4, CFP4 SR,LR, 40G SR, LR, ER, 25G SFP28 SR, LR series of
optical modules for data center, cloud computing, Networking,large base
stations, metropolitan area networks, and mobile communications, providing a
full range of solutions for higher bandwidth and higher port density

Sinovo Telecom introduces new products that drive

next-generation data centers and enterprise interconnects , In the
industry to win a good reputation, but also won the praise of domestic and
foreign customers.

(1) 100G
QSFP SR4 optical module

Hot-Pluggable QSFP28 form factor

Compliant with QSFP MSA Specification

Supports 103.1Gb / s and 112.2Gb / s aggregate bit rate

Maximum link length of 100m on OM4 Multimode Fiber (MMF)

Single MPO 12 receptacle

(2) 100G
QSFP28 LR4 optical module

Hot-Pluggable QSFP28 form factor

Compliant with QSFP MSA Specification

Supports 103.1Gb / s and 112.2Gb / s aggregate bit rate

3.5W maximum power dissipation

Maximum link length of 10KM on Single Mode Fiber (SMF)

DFB-based LAN-WDM transmitter

Duplex LC receptacles

(3) 100G
QSFP28 PSM4 optical module

Hot-Pluggable QSFP28 form factor

Compliant with CWDM4 MSA Specification

Supports 103.1Gb / s and 111.8Gb / s aggregate bite rate

Maximum link length of 2KM on Single Mode Fiber (SMF)

Integrated 4-channel CWDM mux / demux for duplex LC operation

(4) 100G
CFP2 SR10 high speed optical module

10 independent channels, 10 x SFI limiting interface

Up to 10Gb / s data rate per channel

MPO24 optical connector

CFP2 MSA compliant

Distance up to 100M

(5) 100G
CFP2 LR4 high speed optical module

4 independent channels, 4 x 26Gbps electrical interface

Up to 26Gb / s data rate per channel

Duplex LC optical connector

CFP2 MSA compliant

(6) 40G
QSFP + 40KM optical module

IEEE 802.3bm, 802.3ba, SFF-8436

4 independent optical lanes

QSFP + Duplex LC interface

Up to 40KM distance

(7) 25G
SFP28 SR optical module

Up to 25.78 Gbps bi-directional data links

Compliant with MSA SFP + Specification FF-8402

Maximum link length of 100M on OM4 Multimode Fiber (MMF)

Built-in digital diagnostic functions

350nm VCSEL and PIN receiver

Power Dissipation <0.8W

(8) 25G
SFP28 LR optical module

Supports 25.78Gb / s and 28.05Gb / s aggregate bit rate

Compliant with MSA SFP + Specification SFF-8402

Maximum link length of 10KM on Single Mode Fiber (SMF)

Built-in digital diagnostic functions

Power Dissipation <1.2W

Sinovo Telecom currently 25Gbps and 100Gbps port exports in each quarter
up to 100,000, still showed an upward trend. Core Division Communications
Marketing Director jason.lee predicts that the 2018s annual25 / 100Gbps
adoption will accelerate, Core Division Communications Series optical module
export share is still explosive growth,
and is expected within ten years will occupy the overall shipments of 70 %the

In the trend of full-scale business business, in order to achieve the
future of the cloud network collaboration, building 100G ultra-wide,
intelligent, green energy-saving data center Internet has gradually become atrend,
Sinovo Teleocm data center interconnect
solutions will effectively promote the enterprise And service providers to
achieve business innovation and rapid cloud transformation, as enterprises in
the cloud network development on a great help.

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Benefiting from the increase in global network communications and data communications and the continued growth of the IDC market, IDC's high growth rate driven by the domestic optical module market is growing faster than foreign markets. Chinese manufacturers in the 100G module and data center cable area occupy more than half of the international market share, its annual output is expected to become the world's first.

With the core technology, such as optoelectronic device design and packaging technology, single-mode parallel optical design and precision manufacturing technology, multi-mode parallel optical design and coupling technology, high-speed electronic device design, simulation, testing technology and self- , Efficient testing platform, at home and abroad occupy an important position. Its customers have Huawei, ZTE and Ali cloud and so on.

Optical communications industry is from the United States, Japan to China, the process of integration of the industry chain, the Chinese optical module manufacturers continue to break the upstream chip, such as: Xun Xun technology acquisition of France III-V Lab, Enna technology acquisition of France 3SP. Mastered the core chip technology manufacturers in China will be more cost competitive, will also be more able to meet the Internet ISP data center full photochemical construction needs, in order to obtain higher market share.

With the continuous development of application scenarios, active cable AOC will become the main form of consumer electronics interconnection, ultra-wideband interconnection, the market will gradually grow. Active cable (AOC) in the near future is also likely to become a telecom and data communications transceiver market with subversive force.
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