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Still looking for a way to get to NYC? The Minnesota group is organizing a bus that will pass through Chicago around 2 PM on Friday, September 19 and arrive in NYC on Saturday morning in time to make it to Climate
Convergence events leading up to the march. It will depart NYC at 9 PM
on Sunday evening and should pass through Chicago around noon on Monday. The cost is $190 (or $250 if possible). Housing is included. Contact me at for more info.

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Hello PCM Housing Community! We are a group of twelve Texans who are looking for a modest floor space to stay the night of Saturday, Sept. 20th on.  We can arrive any time you'd prefer in the evening and plan on departing by 8:30 am on Sunday. We can be flexible and appreciate any and all connections! Please email with any information!

The Occupy Atlanta bus will be rolling in to NYC on Saturday, 9/20, to participate in various direct actions through Monday, 9/22 (including PCM and #FloodWallStreet). 10 activists from various ATL social justice organizations are in search of lodgings -- and a convenient, strategic parking space for our bus for the duration of our trip. If you have any suggestions, please contact

I need a way to get to the convergence from the greyhound/bus stop without paying an arm and a leg for a cab! Times are hard out here... Any suggestions? 

I'm looking for others interested in going from Chicago to NYC on Friday, Sept 19.

Anyone who is in need of housing, I have booked a decent place to stay in Brooklyn for $24 per night.  Send me your info and I will send you a coupon for $25 credit on your first booking.  Send me an email at! 

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I'll be riding from Oakland to NY on the Climate Train" and wondering what will be the best way to return home to the LA area. If there is no return bus to support, I can to rent a fuel efficient car with three other drivers taking turns.
The People's Climate Train
The People's Climate Train

I'm thinking of coming to New York. It'a an expensive city for hotels and even hostels, so if anybody has a place for a 62 year old activist, please write me. I need a place with little or no steps. 
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